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Super Black Bass 3 - Intro Theme [Remix]

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the very first Super Black Bass 3 remix!  Jk, but this seems to be an obscure SNES title.  I couldn't even find the individual track on youtube, let alone other remixes of it.  Didn't see anything on this site either, but I could've missed something.  I've never played this game, but I stumbled upon the track while listening through a relaxing SNES music compilation by SNES Drunk (highly recommended), and I thought I could do something with it.  Classic remake with a few of my own touches and some ambiance.  I really enjoyed this track, and gave the OST a listen and found a few gems.  If you like SNES music, it's definitely worth a try:

If anyone out there wants to build/collab on this, let me know and I can provide my stems.  Seems like there's a lot of solo/freestyle potential in this track!  I'm also trash with drums (just used basic FL Studio loops), so I'm sure anyone could improve.  

Hope someone enjoys my rendition or at least finds a cool new (old) OST!


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Wow, this is beautiful! I absolutely love remixing tracks from obscure/under-represented games (check my remix history), so this got my attention immediately. Beautiful instrumentation, and the riverside ambience definitely evokes a chilled out afternoon fishing for some delicious bass.

The drums aren't as clean as the rest of it, but if you wanted to go down the lofi route then they're not bad at all. Love the smattering of Zelda's Lullaby in there too, it fits perfectly. Awesome stuff! Hope you get it to a place where you can submit it. If you want some better drum samples, maybe I can record something for you. Would be fun to see a Super Black Bass 3 remix on OCR :D

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OK so I was trying to do this track justice with some drums, but it's so beautiful and natural sounding that I wasn't getting too far. Instead I came up with this...

I just love your piece Juke, this is just a bit of fun :)

Those flute samples sound incredible btw. Pretty much indistinguishable from a live performance.

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