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OCR04083 - Psycho Pinball "Kamomilla"


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I chose the source for that PRC round! I dearly love Psycho Pinball (though I had it on the Mega-Drive rather than DOS) and wanted to shine a light on the awesome soundtrack for others to hear. If I recall it even prompted Eino to play the game while he was crafting his remix, which pleased me greatly. I've considered it for a Paths Less Travelled volume at some point, though due to there only being about 6 tracks on the soundtrack it would be more of an EP than an album.

As for the track itself; I totally dig it. The source tune is your run-of-the-mill Big Top circus tune, and Eino's upbeat EDM take on it really gives it a new lease of life while retaining the circus feel of the original. Thanks for bringing some representation to this piece of my childhood, buddy!


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