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OCR04091 - Golden Sun "Angarian Vigil"


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It's hard to add anything that isn't already said about this piece. It's so expressive and deep that I expect it to pull up a seat next to me. Thank you for this one, and especially thank you for TSori for taking part in making this album become a reality, and letting folks like me know about it last year.

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" I actually added a "flugelhorn" tag to our database JUST for this mix, because it just didn't feel right going with "trumpet" "

This makes me really happy, haha.  When i started working on this i searched OCR to see if there had ever been a remix tagged with flugelhorn.  There had not and I thought, well there will be soon!. 

This remix was a fun experiment.  It's only my second arrangement, and the first I had written on my own.  I also wanted to see just how little i could get away with in terms of instrumentation.  

Fun fact, the flugelhorn came with a larger mouthpiece than I was used to. I had bought a replacement for it in my usual size, but i decided to try it out anyway. i had so much more flexibility while playing,  that I not only kept the large flugelhorn mouthpiece, I also ended up permanently switching to the larger size for trumpet as well.   So, in a way, this simple little remix has actually had a significant impact on all of my playing since.


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