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Help me out identifying this song

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I'm asking around for a friend if anyone can help identify this song for him, I've had a few dead ends and a lot of leads and would appreciate input on this (and if not, some OCRemix music recommendations in this style would be appreciated too)

my friend's been searching since 2017, so nothing past that please

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Lunar Eternal Blue?

edit:, not Lunar. Also not Grandia or Lost Oddessey. Fuck. THis is annoying.

Parts of it make me think Pokemon Mystery Dungeon while other parts make me thing something like... maybe Chrono Cross? But then it goes back to something that sounds like it was some of the Pokemon DS games. But then it sounds like i might have been from a movie.

Did you make that just to see how long it would piss off someone trying to narrow it down? Because if you did, mission accomplished.

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First thought was that it was from one of the 30 dozen or so F2P Asian themed MMO's that were coming out between 2004 and 2009. Hero Online, Jade Dynasty, DOMO, Etc.  I can't find the specific track but it's not too far off in instrumentation from the OST for Perfect World International City of Raging Tides expansion though the mix on the OST is very different from your example so i might be wrong.  At the very least if your friend likes that style of music then the entire PWI OST is a great listen. 



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