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Need a new big-ass VST Library

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Hey guys, I think I'm in the shop for another VST mega-library.  My (Play) Composer Cloud is not rendering properly, often with tempo glitches, artifacts and not proper reverb space and delay, sounding VERY dry etc.  I can sometimes get it to work if I throw it on a BUS, and use MIDI Outputs channels, but it's pretty on and off.  Not exactly the best workflow for my needs.  So...Should I grab Komplete instead or look elsewhere? 


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If Composer Cloud isn't working for you it definitely would be worth it to see what you need to do to get it fixed.  I've been using EWCC now for 4 years and have never run into these issues between Sonar and Studio1. Then again I never update PLAY unless it's actually worth it to do so. 

I'll concur with DJP on Komplete.  I only just made the purchase for Komplete Ultimate during the sale this summer and wish i did it years ago.  I could have been using Massive, FM8 and Absynth back when they were popular :/ Really though having a full version of Komplete lets you get a lot of great or or obscure instruments from smaller companies for relatively cheap.

As the sale is currently over, If you don't feel like dropping a ton of money on Komplete Ultimate and would rather make smaller purchases over time you can always join the good folks over at r/audioproductiondeals.  Warning that this sub WILL give you gear acquisition syndrome.   



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15 hours ago, Argle said:

I wish I hadn't seen this. :-P

I check it at least once a day.  My reddit app has become my dedicated audio production sale notifier. It's a very awesome sub with a dedicated moderator. I've come across vst's and plugins I would have had no clue existed otherwise. 

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