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Hmm.  I don't remember that theme at all. I presume it was before the Burning Crusade ever came out, as that is when I started.

Collected the Pre-Cataclysm "Loremaster" achievement, and still don't recognize that. (Pre-Cataclysm it was basically all non-raid quests in the game)

So I came into this thinking "Oh I might remember that." But noooope. The only thing I remember was the Barrens theme cause of all the PvP that usually happened there. Barrens and Duskwood.

Speaking of Duskwood, I remember being level 20 and killing the level 60 horde that chased me down. There was a hut on the West end, where if you did an AOE attack inside it, you'd be killed by ghosts in about 20 seconds. Warriors always used Whirlwind, then I'd run off (or usually die from the hit) and watch them try to gloat only to seconds later be lying next to me. There used to be a lot of fun PvP activities like that (enslave demon worked on all outdoor Elites too, such as the FelReaver)...Then they removed the abilities, and I left.

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