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  1. Fwhoa, nostalgia! Oh, days of getting home from work and hearing that sweet, sweet login music. ...Then being disconnected when your stepsister calls asking for money. I'm sure this is as inspiring for other fellow WoW addicts as it is for me. Great job!
  2. This has been on my playlist for years at this point. Just the merging of the melody and countermelody are amazing. A great remix of a very simple but effective and beautiful track from an awesome game. Treat job, bLiNd! Perfect as usual.
  3. I haven't thought about it in a long time, but the Mario Kart 64 bad ending always made me laugh. I dunno if that counts as a Game Over screen, but yeah. WHAT A PITY!
  4. Fwhoa, this is gorgeous! I always loved this tune. Glad to hear it get some awesome treatment. Honestly, a lot of songs I like get remixed into a genre I can't stand, but this just made the whole thing better, so ahhh... my ears. You made my ears happy. Glad you stuck with it, glad it's posted, thanks for sharing!
  5. Wow. I'm in awe. I, too, had an instant love for this track when I first heard it. The dungeon levels always stressed me out, but the Forest Temple was totally chill and fun for me if for no other reason than this music was playing throughout the stage. Wonderful interpretation of it! I'd like to see more remixes in this folk-y style, but I'll take what I can get. I almost missed this remix in the flood of recent posts, but thank friggin' god I scrolled back a month or so because... wow. This is also the first track I've commented on in a LONG time, so I had to remember my login password, lol, shoot. WORTH IT!
  6. For those looking for easy access to the hard-to-make-out lyrics, here they are. The OC Remix only lists the first and second verses, but I thought the following lyrics sounded different, so I did more digging and from what I found, this is what I think is being sung. If I'm wrong, sorry. If I'm right, it should help you sing along better, lol... I always hate blaring this on my car stereo and going "aaweerreerrr againnnnn eereaaaannnnnorrr dream again" and stuff. Admittedly, the prequel to this song was sorta meh, but WOW did the "redo" come out fantastic! Great job! Love it! Onto my very selective playlist it goes. Lyrics: This place I know, a simple reality But what I know only my mind believes A butterfly that flies so high in the sky What can I know, only when dreams come true Close your eyes and dream Open your mind and see again Where we are, you're so far away from me But boundaries are nothing within my dreams I'll fly away on wings of mist and of spray You'll soar with me only when dreams come true Close your eyes and dream that you're flying away Open your mind and see again And dream again (indecipherable) And dream again
  7. Holy god, my ears. They're crying. Tears of joy. PLEASE DO MORE IN THIS STYLE. OCR PEOPLE, PLEASE DO MORE REMIXES LIKE THIS. OH GOD. It makes me want to do a movie promo for Sonic Generations or something. Someone with video editing skills should totally do that. Then I could watch it and love it and have their babies. Wha...? For serious? Oh man, browse the Sonic 3 (Sega Genesis) mixes! That'll keep you busy for a day.
  8. Absolutely beautiful. I can't give advice on soundfonts or equalizing or anything, but I just wanted to say I hope you keep working on it and that it put a real big smile on my face. <3 The two tracks go really well together, too, btw.
  9. With my untrained ear, I can't tell which parts are Chiptunes. Or anything that's auto-tuned, for that matter. Would someone mind filling me in? I love learning about this stuff. Also, I take back my comment about the violin and not hearing the source tune. If there's a lot more to be added to this mix, I think it's going to come out to epicly awesome, it'll bump "For You" (Wily, Mega Man 2 remix) as my all-time favorite remix. That is... aside from "Twin Seeds Flyby" by Level99. (Dude... you are so awesome in your compositions...) EDIT: Any chance at a MK64 Remix Project? This could be so, so epic...
  10. This is excellent by itself and a great start (middle?)! I agree with whoever said adding a violin would make it better. I had a hard time hearing the source tune until the non-vocal part and I think it'd help a little. No other real critique-- just encouragement to finish and submit it.
  11. This is such a beautiful remix, man! Auto top-5 on my playlist. But it's been bugging me since the first time I heard it. I've never played Christmas Nights, but that melody sounds really, REALLY familiar to me somehow. I ca-- Oh, I found it. It sounds an awful lot like the World Map music from Donkey Kong Country 3. Either a weird coincidence or someone got really inspired? I dunno. BUT WHATEVER. This is awesome. Thank you for mixing it.
  12. Holy holy holy crud, I have been waiting SO LONG for a NiGHTS remix that wasn't of Gate of your Dreams (or... think there was one other one, but I didn't like it for some reason? Eh, I'll have to re-check)! I fell in love with Frozen Bell when I first heard it on the demo disc that came with our Saturn, and the full game itself and its entire soundtrack has been among my top 3 for years. This remix totally does it justice, too. It stays close enough to the source to make it just as enjoyable, but adds a real mellow twist to it. Instant download, instant favorite. Thank you SO MUCH for remixing this AND for putting it up on the site, you guys! <3
  13. I really like this cover. I'm interested in possibly downloading the entire album to hear more, but without a second song to reassure me it's not going to only contain one gem among the rocks, I'm a bit hesitant. I haven't bought full albums in years. I've purchased too many that had one or two good songs and the rest were crap. I prefer to pay for only the ones I like. But that's not an option here, so I'm torn. Hopefully another of their songs can show up here on OCRemix again so I can compare and possibly make the decision to shell out the probably-worthwhile $10 for it all.
  14. WHOA, not the kind of track you want to listen to when you're drunk. Felt like the walls were pulsing in and threatening to squash me. Just sayin'. @_@ Aside from that trip-out, this is awesome. It'll sound great on my car stereo when I'm just chillin' and drivin' around. Blow out my speakers? Blah, who cares. It'd be worth it. X)
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