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OCR04155 - Mega Man 2 "It's Been a Wily"

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YES, a new Diggi Dis track!!! And man, what a jam it is. It's definitely not something I'd expect from this guy, but something I wholeheartedly welcome! Absolutely dig everything it has to offer. The opening surely took me by surprise with those left-panned guitars, and their return at 1:36 was pretty cool as well! And that guitar coming in at 1:40 made me eargasm, oh boy. It was there only for just a second, but... Yeah, it's amazing. And check out the rapid-fire drums right after that breakdown! The arrangement is stellar too - the classic melody itself is clearly there, but I love the way Frank slowed it down a little, introducing subtle twists here and there along the way. A must-download for sure :)

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Yoooo, a jazz musician doing metal? Sign me up! The shift at 1:42 - 1:45 is actually really cool. You put a chord progression there that you wouldn't expect from your typical metal artist, but there also wasn't enough distortion to deter from doing that kind of thing, so it actually worked! The only thing I wish you did is let the last chord ring out for longer.

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