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OCR04165 - ToeJam & Earl "Righteous Ragemaster Rocketship Rampage"

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O sweet. This one made it through the panel. 


Somehow.  :]

Thanks again @WillRock for doing a great solo on short notice for this. It really tied the room together as the Big Lebowski fans tend to say.  

Link to the music video for the track.  I think you'll tell how much i love this damn game. 


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This one took me by surprise, that's for sure. A funky metal ToeJam & Earl remix? I guess that's a thing now, haha. Seriously, this is such a fun track! Tight guitar performances? Yes! Groovy drums? Yes! Lively brass stabs? Yes! Hyperactive Genesis-ish bassline that's just poking your brain? Yes! And to top it all of, crazy synth soloing? YES! So what's not to like? And man, the second part when the track basically goes off the rails is sooooooo good! Very solid work, gentlemen!

P.S. that fake ending :D

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