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MnP 126: Pokemon Gold/Silver - National Park


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@The Vodoú Queen

It took me years of practice and reading to learn this stuff. It is not an overnight kind of thing. There are a myriad of techniques and tricks one can learn about audio, and there are some general rules of thumb that one ought to follow. But at the end of the day the final say are your ears. I go by the mantra of "If it sounds good, it is good." For example a general rule of thumb is to not route your kick into reverb because it often muddies up the mix too much. But sometimes you need that kick going into the reverb for the track to sound right. Another general rule of thumb for EQ is to boost wide and cut narrow, but sometimes a narrow boost is just what the thing needs. But that is why they're called rules of thumb, they're there to serve as baselines really. If you want to learn how to mix a track, then your best bet is to just download some multis and give it an honest shot. If you want to learn to compose and the like then this compo and PRC are pretty solid ones. If you want to focus on how to program synths along with some composition and the like then KVR's One Synth Challenge is a decent start.

All I'm saying is that it takes time and practice to do this stuff. For most it does not come naturally and requires a lot of focus and work :)

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  • In 1st place with 15 points: Coloradoweeks
  • In 2nd place with 14 points: Wassup Thunder
  • In 3rd place with 11 points: APZX
  • In 4th place with points: Souperion
  • And the last place hero with 5 points: TheVodouQueen
  • Souperion created a bonus mix.

Coloradoweeks please PM me with your source pick for Round 127. Ideally for next week. (Roughly the 11th of September)

Congrats to everyone who participated, you peeps did great! 


I was meant to do this earlier, but i was away, and i had limited internet, which haunted me all the way home lol. It's fixed now, so i can do this no problem. I was shut off from the internet for quite some time, enough that i forgot to even announce the voting lol. Oh well, it's here and here to stay.

Also while were here, i have something fun planned for round 128, so don't forget to stick around for the updates!

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4 hours ago, colorado weeks said:

so i didn’t realize all the MnP discussion was taking place here, so i’m so glad to finally meet some of you! (also thx @TheVideoGamer for letting me know that the party was going on here, and also sorting out all of my midi woes!) can’t wait to see what y’all cook up this round!

Granstream Saga is a fantastic source...

God, it brings back memories... :)

It was my first PS1 game I ever bought, and I have found memories of it and Threads of Fate / Dewprism for that reason--being the first two RPGs for that system I played.

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