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OCR04331 - Final Fantasy IX "Mysteries of the Marsh"

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Beautiful mix! I actually got "Stairway to Heaven" vibes on the intro, perhaps due to the renaissance-style melodic motif & recorders. So much to love, from the mixed woodwind and brass instrumentation to the singing/choir to the oscillation between intimate & epic. French horn stands out with a solo that conveys the richness/tone of the instrument, but really everyone involved delivers, in spades - these types of things are insanely difficult to pull off & make work, so I'll echo @Liontamer's tip of the hat to coordinator/arrange extraordinaire, @Jorito. Bravo!

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Wow! This was such a gorgeous collaborative effort. I love the fact that it took me on a journey even though it really didn't have to. The opening was really beautiful and the arrangement really took a song from FFIX that was middling for me to this beautiful presentation of the marshes. Then you just ramp it up in the middle and all of a sudden, I'm ready to go catch some frogs! Truly inspiring track.

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