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Chrono Trigger 'Zeal Mix'


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I'm digging the backdrop you did for this, but alot of the other synth design is lacking. The lead synth in the beggining is alil too sharp and loud. Same thing at :58, it's sound especially dull.

I think you got something here, but it will need a lot of work on the sound design to flesh things out.

The section at 2:00, that stabs coming out of the left get to be a lil much. Trying throwing a lil LFO or Flangus on that part only, a lil swaying movement would be nice.

Trying feeding in more more production values in the composition. Keep the listener wanting to listen, also vary up the leads more. Get maybe 2-3 leads playing off of each other goin in and out for each section.

Maybe adding in some ethnic percussion in areas could really be a nice touch.

You'll also prob need more arrangement to get it past the judges, if you r making this to get it on OCR.

This def has something to it, def give it a good update.

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I think this track has a nice feel to it, as many times as I've heard "Corridors of Time", I never grow tired of it, or of the many, many remixes of it.

That being said, I think this track has it's pros and cons:

Pros: The sound design in general is pretty good, I love the effect you use from 0:51 - 0:54. Also, at 1:34, it sounded like you integrated the melody from "Memories of Green", which, if you purposefully did, worked well with the song IMO.

Cons: The arrangement is very close to the original. There are some original sections, but for the most part this is almost bordering into MIDI-rip territory. Also, while your synths sound good for the most part, I really think the synth you're using for the bass part needs to go. It sounds way too artificial/fake IMO.

Overall, this isn't bad, but you need to add more variation to the original arrangement. As I stated before, the section at 1:34 was great. For now, I'd add more sections like that throughout the song, and change the bass synth.

Good work so far.

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Oh shizz, not half bad. Like how the synths are constantly doing random stuff. Thats very nice. But your drums. You are using default FPC sounds, right? =( If you are going to do that, make sure you process them right. You beat is good, but I can barely hear it. Low-end is kinda critical in a chilled mix like this. I honestly think you would be best off getting some new samples in there, but failing that, bust out ye oldy compressor, and give the kick and the snare some punch. Don't go crazy or it will be all "chill-chill-UNTS-chill-chill-UNTS-UNTS" and thats bad. But you do want to be able to hear the kick drum. The snare also needs love - I would put just a wee bit of reverb on it, but that could be just me. check out zircon's guide to mixing drums for some other tips.

The second bad point is that a lot of these synths are presets. Nice presets, to be sure, but I've heard a lot of them, and they kinda stick out. Now I'm not saying you should go forth and programm your own synths and stuff, but at least shake the presets up a little.

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