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OCR04370 - *YES* Super Mario Bros. 2 "Trapped in a Cave"


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Been a while since I submitted something,

Wanted to share this one because I feel the marriage of middle eastern instruments and the original source do magic together.   This is an Arabian Trap remix of the cave theme from Super Mario Bros. 2 and was originally intended for NESterYears 2.   I ended up scrapping that project and am pursuing SNESterYears instead.  So in light of that, I wanted to submit this gem to OCReMix to celebrate that I am still remixing after 20 years.



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So, this pains me to do this, but I don't know if I can comfortably sign off on this. It's Jordan, so of course the production and concept is going to be ace - no disputing that. The middle eastern instrumentation sounds fantastic, and the sub bass especially is handled with care on the mixing side of things. This sounds beefy as hell on a sub and really showcases Jordan's mastery of the production game.

I originally paneled this so I could do a manual source usage check, but the last minute of the track comfortably puts this over the 50% bar. 



0:25-0:45 (20 seconds)

1:12-1:46 (34 seconds)

2:12-3:12 (60 seconds)

Total 192 seconds = 59% source usage


However, therein lies my main issue - the source, while substantially represented throughout the track, is played out as identically with each repetition. The Underground melody is played out as a loop that's repeated multiple times, and the only variation I can pick up on is the filtering applied. To me, this feels too repetitive and and the presentation of the melody is very noticeably looped, especially during that last minute of the track. For that reason (and only that reason - everything else is extremely competently assembled) I'm struggling to justify a YES vote here. Curious to hear what the rest of the panel feels on this.


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  • Emunator changed the title to 2022/03/07 - (1N) Super Mario Bros. 2 "Trapped in a Cave"

OMFG THAT SUB BASS...... the production here is so over the top good that my jaw is hanging open.  This may be lost on anyone without an actual sub, and on a phone speaker it may not translate at all, ugh... but on my Presonus Sceptre 8s and my subwoofer... this is the best sub bass I've ever heard.

Thanks Wes for the source check, 59% is enough for sure.

As for repetition of how the source is played, Wes is right.  The entire track consists of several elements written as loops and layered together in various ways to create an arrangement.  It does make for a repetitive-sounding arrangement overall.  If I click through the track, I hear that mostly the elements are layered differently; I don't hear any sections that are 100% copy pasta, but yeah it's repetitive.  This is gonna be a close call, but I'm going to vote on the side of it being enough variation to pass.  If others feel as Wes does that this repetition is too egregious, I will change my vote, but for now, I'm going with 

YES (borderline)


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  • Chimpazilla changed the title to 2022/03/07 - (1Y/1N) Super Mario Bros. 2 "Trapped in a Cave"
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The sub doesn't come through on my budget headphones, but the production is certainly fine.  It's not tremendously layered, but nothing's unclear.

As for repetitiveness, sure.  But it's trap.  It's supposed to be.  There are a lot of repeated ideas, and each loop goes on for quite some time, but the track as a whole is progressive.  I have to think about it, but I don't think there's a problem on this front.

The one thing that gives me pause is the energy level.  That's extremely static.  There's a brief breakdown, but no risers, only one mini drop, and minimal changes to the beat.  I think that contributes to the feeling of repetition more than actual copying or looping.

As a result, I'm borderline on this as well.  It's certainly lackluster for a bLiNd remix, but if a new musician submitted it, I'd lean towards passing it.  My main objections are more subjective than objective.  I wouldn't be sad if this got sent back, but it earns my

YES (borderline)

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  • MindWanderer changed the title to 2022/03/07 - (2Y/1N) Super Mario Bros. 2 "Trapped in a Cave"
  • 2 weeks later...

love that intro.

this is a pretty good example of subtractive and additive arrangement concepts. there's the melodic content, which is pretty similar every time it comes in, but everything around it is different each time - one time is featuring the kamancheh (i think? bowed lap viol, played in a persian style), once is featuring the descending unpitched synth, and once is featuring the vocal samples. the drums are super basic throughout - especially the hats, i always associate trap with clever hat rhythms - and there's not as much variety in the instrumentation as i'd want, but it sounds dope and certainly adds a new character to the original without losing sight of it.

the mastering on this one is very good and it definitely carries the arrangement, which is fine but not super standout. i think this is easily over the bar.




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  • prophetik music changed the title to 2022/03/07 - (3Y/1N) Super Mario Bros. 2 "Trapped in a Cave"

This feels like a spiritual successor to Dirty Coins, and it's amazing to hear how bLiNd's production has improved from what was an already excellent level. The overall feel of the track is much more laid-back than Dirty Coins, going for a trap aesthetic rather than dubstep, and following the evolution of the EDM landscape since 2013.

Arrangement wise, it doesn't have one of those climactic moments that are present in Jordan's trance mixes, but the track does build in intensity slowly as elements are added. I guess the 'drop' is at 2:24, but as we've already heard the elements individually beforehand, some of the impact is lessened.

I always enjoy hearing ethnic instruments used in electronic music - and learning their names - so I'm glad the kamancheh gets a run out for this one! As with the presentation of the main theme though, a bit more variation and experimentation with the instrument wouldn't have gone amiss.

Minor criticisms aside though, this definitely does enough to pass. Congratulations on 20 years remixing!


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