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What Are Some Otherworldly Chord Progressions?

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I'm trying to come up with a composition where it sounds like you'd be in the sky or floating. I don't want to rely on synths to create this atmosphere, and I don't want to use the whole tone scale, either, since that feels a little generic when it comes to something sounding otherworldly. Are there any other chord progressions that would achieve this feeling? Or perhaps some descriptions like making the notes sound like they're swaying the wind and relying on triplets to create that feeling. Anything would help. Thanks.

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Personally, I feel as if it's less about any particular progression and more about what's being placed around it. Like where did the song come from, where it's going, and the spacial aspect. Also, voicing really helps and timbre as well. To use a metaphor I guess, the feeling of floating also necessitates experiencing the feeling of being grounded. Or at least knowing that feeling. So you have to have that base around the feeling or else there really is no magic to it. 

In short, I believe replicating that feeling in music is imo, not something that comes simply down to a chord progression but everything around it. I'll point to a personal example and one from a well known composer.


So in a piece I'm working on right now, at about 1:50 I think I achieved the feeling of floating or at least I always feel like I'm floating haha. The chord and the progression to it isn't particularly interesting imo but it's the build and the atmosphere that help take it there. Also, windchimes always help everything sound beautiful and angelic ☺️



Mahler's 2nd symphony the last movement. Oh man....oh man. I feel like I'm going to just rise and ooof. Help lol. At around 5m until the end is just a clinic in tension and power. Wow. Now there are some beautiful chords of course but on piano it wouldn't send me I don't think



Edit: also I'm pretty sure Leonard Bernstein ascended during this lol

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I might return with something more detailed, but the simplest way I think is to take your leitmotif and repeat it in a higher mode. Basically a similar melodic contour on a higher 'key' with the appropriate adjusted chords. This came to mind:


This video also talks about using this technique, not necessarily to feel like you're floating, but just as it was used in its time:


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