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Guitar Solos Of The Gods


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a thread about all guitar solos you deem god-like. or just impossibly good, if you dislike the mention of god.


i just got randomly forwarded to this '88 concert of Satriani, and the bluesy solo during the first song, Ice 9, which slowly builds up, has been holding a special place in my guitar solo mind temple for a long time. starts at around 4:20.


you kinda have to play the whole song to appreciate it fully, but anyway.

how do i embed a video here with the correct play start, like 4:20? i am too stupid.


edit: also noteworthy is that the creatures on Joe's shirt look as much as shyguys from SMB 2 as they do look like wood spirits from Princess Mononoke. I wonder who did that design, in '88!

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Ok I got a few: 

Tornado Of Souls - Megadeth. Needs no introduction, this song IS the guitar solo

Wait - White Lion. Everything from White Lion counts, Vito Bratta fuses the melodies of Eric Johnson, creativity and technical ability of Eddie Van Halen and classical influence of Randy Rhodes. No one talks about this guy and they should. 

Dokken - Cry of the Gypsy - Really by the numbers song, but George Lynch threw the best guitar solo in it for some reason.  Un

Under A Glass Moon - Dream Theater - This guitar solo has everything. Everything. 

Deep Purple - Child In Time. Long solo but worth it. The only reason you don't see more people try and play this solo is because it's impossible. Richie Blackmore is a monster. 



UFO - Rock Bottom (Strangers in the Night version). It's about 5 minutes long and manages to not be boring for a single second of it. The way it builds into the guitar synth harmonising is awesome. Best live guitar solo ever? 

Boston - Hitch A Ride. Such a well constructed guitar solo, with some amazing harmonising. The solo didn't need to go this hard, but it did. 

Man, I honestly could go on forever with this topic. So many great solos to choose from. 



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Okay, yeah, Tornado of Souls is like the Megadeth guitar solo, it's pretty fantastic.

... well, studio solo, anyway, I was always more partial to his Rude Awakening version of She-Wolf, that shit is insane. Also you gotta give Dave credit as one of the few bands where he changes the heck out of his songs and just makes them better in every aspect in his live performances, that shit ain't easy to do.

Also off topic but dat drum solo, man...


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