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OCR04649 - *YES* Final Fantasy 9 & 5 "Freya's Curse"


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ReMixer Name: ZackParrish

Real Name: Zack Parrish
Website: zackparrish.com
User ID: 13667
Additional contributions: Yami
Name of games arranged: Final Fantasy 5, Final Fantasy 9
Name of arrangement: Freya's Curse
Name of songs arranged: Cursed Earth (FF5), Freya's Theme(FF9)
Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Links to source: 
Comments: Did this mashup / mix for the Game Set Mash compo, second round. Was to mashup Freya's theme and Cursed Earth and... originally was supposed to be a collab with Yami but he had to work out of town that week so while the track was mostly done when he was finally home and able to add anything, he still sprinkled some seasoning here and there. It was fun and stressful at the same time because I knew my likely competitors were Seph and Josh because if I were them... I would've picked this same pairing as well. Hope you enjoy it. :)
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freya's theme is so good. one of my favorites from a truly great soundtrack.

intro features the three against two pattern that makes freya's theme so neat, along with some lush strings. 0:48 brings in more electronic elements with the cursed earth drum pattern and some backing synths that are roughly similar to cursed earth's melodic material, and 1:07 brings back freya's melodic material represented in an augmented form, roughly twice time. the subsequent chippy lead for this theme is great.

there's a big build into 1:54, and we get more of the cursed earth backing parts with freya over the top. the augmented version of freya's melodic material is so perfect for this mashup. 2:48 gives us a break from the big drums, and there's more of the musicbox and strings. this goes on for a while - over a minute! - and then we finally get the payoff loud section complete with the guitar ripping over the top of it. it's NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH of course (excellent pacing), and then we're in the outro with more musicbox.

i think maybe the last two sections with musicbox were a bit long, but other than that i really enjoyed the variety of textures used and especially the way you interweaved the two themes. this is excellent. can't wait to listen to it again.




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I don't think I would have rated this highly for the compo, because this is mostly the melody from FF9 and sometimes the beat from FF5. It uses both themes, but Freya's is absolutely dominant. However, even use of two themes isn't one of our judging criteria here! It's fun and original.

The pacing is pretty weird. There's a really slow burn, with 35 seconds of intro, then 47 seconds of build-up, a brief teaser, then a few seconds of music box, and finally the main section kicks in at 1:54. This is followed by an entire minute of music box bridge, and the last 42 seconds is music box outro. Altogether only about a minute and a half of a 5-minute piece is the "main" section. Not that there's anything objectively wrong with this, but it's an odd decision.

Balance is pretty mid-light except during the guitar parts, with a lot of stuff going on in the lows and the lead carried by a few shrill synths.

That's my only real complaint. Otherwise this is great stuff.


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Allow me to sign off on this one - it's great! Love the sound design throughout, particularly the minute beginning at 1:54. The stuttering percussion groove sounds great in the time signature (3/4 or 6/8?), and the mix sounds full of feeling and atmosphere. After that, we get a super slow section (arguably too slow, as I thought the track had ended), before a big finale. Very little to critique here; a strong submission! Happy New Year!


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