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Celeste - First Steps (Metris Remix)


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So about two years ago, I produced a remix of First Steps. Upon retrospect, it was flawed (but I enjoyed it nonetheless). However, I really wanted to revamp what I had already produced so now I have produced a reimagining of that same remix. I think it has more of its own identity, yet still feels Celeste-like. 



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The main issue I've noticed is the imbalance between the percussion and the rest of the parts.  The kick is much louder then the rest of the parts.

While the original source does go ham with that decending arp through the whole track, it would be nice to get a break from it or a change of pattern.  Something just to give some contrast to the texture of the piece.  You do a good job of changing the other parts up at good times to keep the interest going especially with it being a longer piece.  When we get to 3:50 in particular it's lovely because the textural change feels so impactful.

It does feel very much like First Steps still because the sound design choices feel very similar to the original too.

Aside from the kick being too loud, there really isn't much else "wrong" with it.  If you plan on submitting to OCR I would strongly considering adding some more of your own variation and vibe to the track.  Also, some more humanization, especially with note velocities.

I enjoyed the track's mellowness.  It is pretty.

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