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OCR00163 - Final Fantasy VI "The Atomizer"


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No doubt the curveball samples and draconian nature of The Atomizer are hilarious attractions for a lot of people, myself included. But I also appreciate how calmly interpretive nuances between the insane parts tie the mix's shoelaces and balance it out. Examples:

- orchestral guidance in the beginning

- The Fierce Battle beneath the menu sounds around 1:11

- tambourine's playful accompaniment starting at 1:45

- rapid flute cameos of Kefka's theme at 2:15-2:24

- trumpet-led section at 2:27

- percussion around 3:01+

Mindblowing overall, but also a gold mine of nifty nuggets if you listen closely.

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I appreciate this track for what it was in 2000, and that was, and still is, inventive ways of using soundclips and effects to make a funny and entertaining remix. I would like to see it updated, though. I bet Mustin could beef up the quality, the hilarity and just about everything else today.

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Okay, so for starters, I got a laugh out of this one for the randomness, so there is one positive here. Other than that, the production seemed a tad rough in several places (whether by age or design, either way), and while like I said, I got a laugh out of the voice clips (game over man!), but I can see how they can easily annoy folks. Not the best Mustin ever did by a long shot, but still good for humor and just easing up on things a bit.

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