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  1. bumping in hopes that someone sees this.
  2. Wow! It's like Gershwin invaded Hyrule. Not sure if that's the likeness you were going for, but there ya go!
  3. Loved the dynamic swell after the first minute. Now, give us more! I was sitting here hoping that there were other parts where everything went to piano, but there were none after that. Do more with dynamics, please. Other than that, this is quality Miles Davis-era jazz here.
  4. Anything from this game, really, but I would love to see the music from the fight with King Gallon done up all rock style. Really lots of potential in this one.
  5. I would have to agree on doing a double-take at the tempo. Not what I was expecting, given your history. A pleasant surprise, though. 5 house-rockin' stars!
  6. I appreciate this track for what it was in 2000, and that was, and still is, inventive ways of using soundclips and effects to make a funny and entertaining remix. I would like to see it updated, though. I bet Mustin could beef up the quality, the hilarity and just about everything else today.
  7. Only listened to the first half of this so far. My favorite is the 3-part opera remix. Stellar job! The Queen fan in me cried manly tears! I wish I could still get my hands on a copy of this.
  8. The beginning of this track totally had me thinking Keiichi Ueno of Bemani fame. Great use of instrumentals with a groovy D&B background to fill things out well. 5 star on my playlist!
  9. Just looked at the final edit, and WOW, that is impressive. That version really needs to get posted on here. It's a shame that this mistake was overlooked.
  10. Definite YES on "Facing the Darkness". My favorite tune from the game! I wonder if anyone on OCremix has the chops to tackle this soundtrack. It's one of the best ones out on the market. Too bad it was on a very overlooked game.
  11. Slight oversight I found in the torrent file. The FLAC versions of FrosTronix and Dive in the bonus disc are not present. Otherwise, I haven't enjoyed an OCR album this much since THE ANSWER. Congrats to everyone involved!
  12. I've found at least one remix missing from the site itself. Haunted Hell from Super Mario 64. Glad I already had it burnt, otherwise I'd be pissed.
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