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OCR04573 - Secret of Mana "Meister der Magie"

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Cool blend of prog metal -style power trio with voices and acoustic instruments! It gives the original some nice kick, and the same theme that is in the boss music too (at least, don't shoot me, I'm not a Secret of Mana OST scholar) is interesting to pick out in this arrangement! I'm most familiar with the boss theme for this melody, so it's just cool to hear it here so differently.

It might be just a matter of personal taste, but I think I'd prefer the arrangement with a different bass arrangement with more sustain. It would tie the arrangement together better, the instrumentation sounds kind of "scattered" now. (But to me this bass style reminds me of certain prog metal type of music and fans of it might call me just crazy ?)

The final movement 1.5 minutes actually do sound really good and it comes together the best.

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