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OCR00614 - Mega Man 2 "Wily's Mosh Pit"


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  • 2 months later...

I'm not sure the wisdom in exposing that super midi bass sample right out of the gate. Once the guitars came it it was a lot better sounding, and it blended better. Drums are a little weak, but the high octane tempo and the enthusiasm keep it going strong. Overall the production hasn't aged well on this one, but the solo is outstanding, and the transition afterward is really cool and well done.

Not jaw-dropping, but very solid and rocking to boot.

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Ok, right off the bat, we hear the very midi sounding bass that Steve has been using a lot in past mixes. Not a huge fan of it, since the track is a rock mix. However, the track kicks in and we hear a lot going on. Arrangement wise, this is definitely the most complex mix we've heard from Steve so far, but the mixing of it kinda makes it hard to hear what all is going on. The power chords are buried so far down in there and have such little tone that they never really drive the song they way they're supposed to. The performance is a bit dodgy here and there, but I'll chalk that up to this being a really fast tempo'd piece. However, all that being said, Steve has stepped way out of his comfort zone with this mix and, for the most part, left all the GM stuff behind him, and for that, I give a resounding Huzzahh! Definitely keep at it!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00614 - Mega Man 2 "Wily's Mosh Pit"

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