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ORC 101: Some dreams are better left faded [Results]

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i'd say:

- let people post their entries in the thread if they want

- let people discuss the posted mixes before the voting stage if they want

the fewer rules, the better. compos are a community thing, let us interact as much as we are willing.

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I will continue to give my paltry criticisms, but by no means should they be required. I think what TO was asking was that anyone who PMs their criticisms with their vote have them displayed anonymously when the winner is announced.

Ergh. Awkward wording, but I think the gist of what I meant is still there.

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I've been out of the loop since last thursday, kinda taking a vacation, but it's good to come back and see I've won :D

I agree with analoq, this is a community thing, and everybody does it to have some fun rather than to compete. Anyways, I'm late with my song XD. I will be submitting it to douli later today, and I really hope I can see some of you participating.

And analoq, after all those times you kicked my ass on IMC and #Mae compos I think it was about time I had the upper hand :razz: . Hope to see you too next time, I enjoyed your song and actually voted it first.

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your win is well deserved, Nuts. i love doing compos but i don't have the time for them like i did back in those days;

i gotta keep things lo-fi if i want to participate. still lots of fun, regardless.

i'll give your tune a shot, definitely. Douli, is there still time to start ORC for this week or will we be waiting until next?


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