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ORC 101: Some dreams are better left faded [Results]

The Orichalcon

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yikes! I forgot to add a proper comment for my mix XD

Well, I only had a couple of hours to do it but it didn't come out that bad. The transition between sections was very abrupt but If I had spent more time on it I would have softened it a bit. Anyways what was fun about this one is the way I had to work with the pizziccatos (love to work with those) and the change of time signature mid-song(which was helluva fun).

anyways, I had fun, that's why I like orc.

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hehehe my writeup isnt up there either.

"The production on this one is kinda blah since i didnt have too much free time to work on it. i basically played with the chords and made a groove with the progression in double time. then i put lots of different stuff goin on underneath that. i think the arrangment is fun and i hope everyone enjoys."

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Result of ORC 101

First place: Sir Nuts with 21 points

Second place not that far: Chrono with 20 points

Third place : Analoq with 14 points

ORC will be back with Number 102 ASAP. i'll manage the rules and the schedule. Senor Nuts send me your mix for the next contest.

Thanks for all the remixer, and the voter.

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1st place: Chrono26

Excellent work on keeping things interesting. That chiptunish synth could use a little bit more juggling around before it fits the rest of the piece's mood.

2nd place: Sir_Nuts

I can see you're enjoying the new string samples. Or at least that would be my guess. The echoing synths clashed with your piano for a little time. Not bad, but there are still quite a few kinks that should have been looked into.

3rd place: Analoq

I understand how hard it is to make a decent mix without any sort of interface, and I think this was a great attempt. Unfortunately, this month's source didn't really lend itself to the stripped down feeling that this type of performance lends itself to.

Little bit of feedback. Analoq, I really loved Soggy Britain, in case you were wondering.

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Although I forgot to vote, as usual, I would like to take the time to write a few comments if I may.

In no particular order:

Nuts, although not the most adventurous use of orchestral samples, I really enjoyed your interpretation once the beats kicked in. The quality beat-work and electronic elements somewhat made the mix, but ultimately it was a solid entry.

analoq, fantastic remix! I would have never have imagined that my original tune could have been interpreted in this way. Loved every second of it. It was brave of you to adopt this style of music and I applaud you for it.

Chrono, great groove you had going there. What I liked most about your mix was the percussion. Good bassline too. Nice work!

I apologise for not voting and would like to thank nuts, analoq and chrono for 3 quality remixes of my tune. ;)

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yup. i like the review idea too. after all PRC and ORC is the best way to improve skills for remixers.

what are u gonna do, make them mandatory?

fuck that, if people wanna write reviews, let them, if people dont wanna, then they shouldnt have to

same as when submitting, if i write the song, why the hell should i have to talk about it and explain everything etc

all these stupid ass rules that were added to ORC is part of what was killing it...that and TO being retarded with it all (lazy)

so make all that shit optional, cause it aint happening


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