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Identifying a music video (HALP)


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My school cafeteria plays MTVU basically all day, which in turn has music videos going almost constantly. This one video has been played about 5-6 times lately but I haven't been able to check out the artist or song name. It's stuck in my head and so I gotta download it, even if it's crappy - you all know how that is :)

All I know about it is the following;

* It's recent

* It's a rap song

* There appear to be at least one black and one white MC

* The video is mostly presented in the form of a black and white comic book, with certain panels containing the live action rappers

* I think one of the lyrics is "Four and three and two and one"

Been searching on google, mtvu's website, and youtube for awhile but I can't find it. HALP!!

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Try the iTunes Music Store. Since they let you listen to 30 secs of the songs, you can try to find it that way. If it's recent (which it sounds like it might be) it may be one of the more popular downloads and be in that small list over to the right of the window :).

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Majin seems to be on the right track, at least with the lyrics anyway. Your google-fu is weak, zircon. I got this on the first try. Finding a video might be trickier though.

Countdown Lyrics by T.I.


Five (5), Four (4), Three (3), Two (2), One

You done when I see you (David Banner, banner)

Five (5), Four (4), Three (3), (yeah, yeah) Two (2), (ay) One

You done when I see you (ay)

Five (5), Four (4), Three (3), (yeah, yeah, yeah), Two (2), One run

You done when I see (see) you (you) (ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ay)

Five (5), Four (4), Three (3), Two (2), One (what it is pimp I know ya’ll miss me man)

You done when I see (see) you (you)

Five (5), Four (4), Three (3), Two (2), (here I am muthaf****), One run

You done when I see (see) you (you) (ay)

[Verse 1:]

what it is the king back in the building

Still stacking and building

Still rappin to children

Jeopardizing ya deals, ballin buyin ya wheels

Like it’s back when we was lil and it’s still time to kill

Quick displayin ya skills

Way underpayin ya bills

Spend a day in the field

So how you sayin you real

Niggaz could never live how I live, you ain’t deserving

My lifestyle’s urban, never met me in person

Just my bread suburban, in a red suburban

On 24’s, 20 hoes givin head, I’m swerving

Fuck boys piss they pants, scared and nervous

I’m shell-shocked, black out like I been in the service

Clean cut and reserved, but I tote George Garvin

The closest thang you hoes seen to picture perfect

Your rose gold king, my ring tight as a virgin cop

Your dream I stopped fo I seen the top, nigga

[Chorus (2x):]

Five (5). Four (4), Three (3), Two (2), (what!), One

You done when I see (see), you (you) (ya days are numbered shawty)

Five (5), Four (4), Three (3), Two (2), One run

You done when I see (see), you (you) (countdown pimp)

[Verse 2:]

I treat the beats like the streets

On em I do what I want to

I ain’t gotta confront you, I’ll kill you if I want to

Roam amongst monsters, kill homes and front you

That lil nigga swearin he bad, eat him for lunch too

Fuck you niggaz, Dominique slam dunk you niggaz

Sucker punch aan one of you niggaz

I was being nice at first now I’m runnin thru niggaz

Whole crews, not just one or two niggaz

Cuz you aint representin the south, you just embarassin

See you on tv in New York, them niggaz laugh at us

The reason why D.J.’s didn’t have a clue I was fabulous

Now a days, not playin my records well, hell it’s hazardous

All this cussin, fussin, loud discussion’s out of my character

Bustin these niggaz melons and threatnin all of they managers

P.$.C. is Atlanta, so how you playin and handlin

Gorillaz wit bananaz, without playin and banishing

King of the south, it was said once then

Took a while to comprehend, now it all sunk in

On the low, deal a mil, I ain’t done, come again

Room dead, scene fled, fo the fedz runnin in pimp

[Chorus (2x)]

[Verse 3:]

comin live from the terror dome

Shinin lights on niggaz who got they skirts on tight wit mascara on

All I have ever known, is 28 in the zone

Give me a day and its gon, a brick of yay and it’s on

You have never known, me to run less I’m gunnin at niggaz domes

And runnin em out the own territory

Every story got a flip side to it, and ya disc ain’t shit less the click ride to it

And I’m gon show you how the Westside do it

In the A, not Cali, Bankhead, Simpson Valley

Every crack in every alley, sellin crack to every Tom, Dick, and Harry

Every Kim, Sue, and Sally, till I tally up

A big enough knot to buy me a yacht

So then my pistols and my patnaz really all that I got

I’m not, playin at all, I’m sprayin em all

Still drop em down to size if they say that I’m small man

Pussy cats can’t worry ya dawg

Throwin stones at the throne, I’m a bury ya all man

Know ya faggot niggaz hate that I’m ballin

Makin 30k a day and blow it all at the mall and man I

Can’t relate to what you rap on stage

Nigga cuz I been sellin yay since I was bow wow’s age nigga

Hear my daddy and cousin talking to me from the grave

And all they sayin is young nigga get paid

[Chorus (4x)]

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That's not it. For one thing, that's old... the video I'm looking for has gotta be recent, eg. a 2007 release (not 2004). Another thing, the lyrics are "Four and three and two and one" not "four three two one" which is a pretty big difference. I did check out the track on Amazon and it's way off. Thank you for the attempt at least...

You'd think a search like "music video" "comic book style" would return useful results, but no, it doesn't. :/

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WTF did you put in Google to pull that up???

Am I to assume that I have found said song?

I just looked at MTVU's video list. Since it uses some stupid Windows Media Manager or something that my computer doesn't have, I just looked at the screenshot for Early Mornin' Troy and noticed it was kinda cartoony. So then I googled that specifc video and found it on their myspace page.

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