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alright Lone Ranger dude:

1. you're admittedly ignorant on this subject and have little to contribute

2. your suggestions for what we (who aren't ignorant) should be discussing are more distracting and unhelpful to the OP than our "arguments"

3. you're making dubious claims

we still love you, but it's seriously time for you to gracefully withdraw yourself from this conversation.

or as a great man would say:


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Well since the Core 2 Duo is dual core and not dual processor...wouldn't it still work in XP Home? I could be very wrong about this but I assumed that was the case.

Also, the original poster could opt for a cheaper C2D and overclock it to better than the e6600.

I'm all about saving money whenever possible.

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As far as I'm aware, dual cores - for all intents and purposes - are equivalent to dual processors. I could be very wrong.

Overclocking is a bad suggestion unless he knows exactly what he's doing.

XP home supports DUAL processors, but not quad, which you will need to get pro for. I know this because XP Home thinks my hyper-thereaded (remember that?) P4 is 2 processors.

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