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Worms Theme Song!


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It's kinda short though.

Well, I've started up Worms World Party and it had a kinda long theme song, If anybody was goin' to make a remix I think Worms World Party would be a good

Theme Song to remix.

By the way, does anybody know where I can Download a free Remix tool, so that I can join the fun of remixing songs, I would try to start with Worms Theme Song.

Talk Later,


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A free remix tool hahah

why don't you try this one? http://leah.johnsandford.org/images/ocrlogo02.png

Or go here... http://www.ocremix.org/mixing/

Thanks, When I wrote Free Remix Tool, I was hoping for the best.LOL :lol:

I knew their probably wasn't one.

So I guess I'm goin' to have to pull out the ol' wallet and fork out the cash.

Talk Later,


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something along the lines of this would be ace:

but without the overlaying narrator voice ofcourse ... and possibly made to sound a little more upbeat / heavy.


Yeah sounds good, but I prefer Worms World Party Theme Song...

Check it out, & download it at....


if that link don't work, which it seems to have stopped workin'

Check this guy out called DJ Williams he does an awesome Job.


sorry for not replyin' on this sooner, computer messed up.

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Agree! A remix among the lines of Worms World Party would be great! We really need one pleeeease? :puppyeyes:

In the Worms theme I really love this build-up part to the traditional theme climax (click). So it'd be awesome if someone made a remix which made some creative and extended use of it :nicework:

Yeah, Worms Armaggedon Build Up is great...We need a remix of both Worms World Party & Worms Armaggedon.....Please.....ofcourse it would have to be a extented version of Worms Armaggedon.

Or a combination of both, although they are similar.

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