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OCR Emulation Tournament 4: Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix


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dPaladin defeated me 5-1, and he ceded the power of choice to me and Kholdstare (the two players he defeated in the finals). We both decided to accompany the current fighting game tournament in an odd way: the FGT gets a puzzle game, and the SNES takes the according fighter.

Because of this, I'm just terming this the "Emulation Tournament," for now. Arek, EasyP, Mew, and I, may be fixing some tournament rule issues in the future, but today we have two classics from one set of sprites...Enjoy!

Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix


To play:

1) Post your AIM screen name in this thread.

2) Get Kawaks 1.58

3) Get the Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix rom.

Main rules are all the same as usual (first to win three battles on default settings), as well as ranking criteria (wins, losses, points percentage), but the finals for this and FGT5 have been altered - a smaller round robin will be used. As usual, all rules and standings are posted near the end of the thread.

NOTE: Use Speed 2.


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