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OCR00751 - Final Fantasy VIII "Desperados"

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Wow, I can't believe people are still posting about this song in 2007. 5 years ago, me and a friend made this song during our spare time (we were still in highschool) with a Finnish freeware program called Buzz. Recently, while moving to a bigger apartment, I uncovered some old cds and remembered this song; thought it'd be fun to check out OC Remix. Gosh, almost brings a tear to my eye, ahh the good ol' days.. Well, Standby didn't make it very far (we went seperate ways after highschool) but this definitly made me want to get in the chair and start remixing again! :grin: Though it wouldn't be the same without my friend.. :cry: Maybe try to reunite Standby again? To be continued...

/CZenX, former member of Standby

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This is my kind of dance music- I completely love the hardcore speed.

The changes and additions that occur throughout are really subtle, and the sound could be a little more polished, but the energy present is amazing. Super props for doing this in Buzz, It sounds pretty great.

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