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OCR01583 - Super Mario 64 "Spinlock"


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Personally, I find that it deviates way too far from the original. It's a great song in itself, but it just doesn't capture the mood of the original for me. And I can't feel the soul of the original song in a remix, I just don't enjoy it. Criticize me if you like; that's just the way I feel.

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I have to say, after being a huge fan and player of Super Mario 64, and a great admirer of the OST, it took me a very long time to place this theme. I got the Virtual console version a couple of months ago, and it's clear to me now, but this is such a radical departure to one of the game's most unsung melodies. I was very thrown.

What was apparent though was how much I enjoyed this even though I couldn't recognise the link to SM64. As a standalone, it was impressive. So now that I can understand where things are originating from, it adds a whole new level of impressive.

The electronic stuff is to die for. The piano is very fitting, I think, although people seem to be divided over that. I see it as a necessary breather and conclusion to such a wall of sound approach.

It's disconcerting how little this resembles the original. Not just in mood, but the melody has been mutated into something its own mother wouldn't recognise. But hey, it's lawful, it's a remix and it sounds very awesome. I doubt a faithful interpretation would sound nearly as original, creative and full of energy. Much praise.

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Intro reminds me of someone putting a ball in a silver bowl and letting it roll around the edge. Not a bad thing at all, just funny to me. Interesting take on the file select theme and I liked the style switch to the more piano-centric arrangement at 2:20. Have to agree with OA that I would have loved to hear it swing back to the previous style before ending to get that nice "sandwich of arrangements" technique, but I can't really complain about what you have here. Cool stuff, man.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01583 - Super Mario 64 "Spinlock"

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