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orchestral samples

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I want to make an orchestra remix but I cant find any good soundfonts. I would eather like to know a page that I can get some nice orchestra soundfonts, or I would like a program that has some nice orchestral sounds. I am new to making orchestra music and I just recently gained intrest. so I would appreciate it if someone can lead me in the right direction...

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How much are you willing to spend?

Because this endeavor could cost between $200 and $20,000

If nothing, I got nothing to offer.

I use EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold XP which is/was on sale for about $500 (way cheaper than I paid). It's a good starter orchestra for someone who's serious about orchestral music, but doesn't want to worry about things like intense mixing or high quality IRs, etc.

Here's an example of a piece I'm working on:



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That piece you arranged just made me cry... how many samples/instruments are included in this bundle?

Many, here's a quote from their website about system requirements:

35 GB Free Hard Disc Space, DVD Drive


MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (for Native Instruments software)

Windows XP, Pentium III/Athlon 500 Mhz, 256 MB RAM

Mac OS 10.2.6 or higher, G3 500 Mhz, 256 MB RAM

RECOMMENDED SYSTEM (for Native Instruments software)

Windows XP, P III/Athlon 700 MHz, 1GB RAM

Mac OS 10.2.6 or higher, G4 733, 1 GB RAM

RECOMMENDED SYSTEM (for sound library)

EASTWEST recommends using a fast processor and at least 1 GB of free RAM to optimize the performance of this sound module.


WIN (VST®2.0, DXi2™, ASIO™, MME™, Direct Sound™)

MAC (VST®2.0, ASIO™, Soundmanager™, OMS™, Audio Units™, Core Audio™, RTAS™)

DFD - Direct from Disk extension from www.soundsonline.com/techsupport.shtml is required.

This product requires registration within 5 days (by web, fax or mail).

and regarding sample size:

Gold: 14.2GB

Gold XP: 21.2GB

Gold Total: 35.4GB

EDIT: I should mention (in fairness and in honesty) that during the quiet part between 20 seconds and 60 seconds, there's a very subtle choir sample that plays, giving the section a bit more "air" than if it were playing without--and in the very, very opening couple of seconds there is some percussion noises that like the choir noise do not come with this library. Not that that's much--those are subtle additions--I just wanted to make sure you understood what this library could do. The choir noises are from the library's sister library EWQL Symphonic Choirs (which is premixed to accompany Symphonic Orchestra) and the percussion noises are from QL StormDrum. They aren't featured in anyway so sometimes I forget that they're there (it's been a while since I worked on this piece).

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As a fair warning, creating a large song using lots of EWQL sounds will REALLY eat up your RAM. 1 GB will let you run it, but if you want to use a lot, you're out of luck. Especially if you want to use the keyswitches. I'm stuck with 1 GB for right now and it's killing me.

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im surprised no one's mentioned the squidfont orchestral soundfont... it's free, and it's pretty damn good.


edit: okay okay, it's not nearly as good as those programs you can buy for hundreds of dollars that almost perfectly emulate an orchestra... but for free, it might be the best soundfont you'll find.

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Garritan is cool because you can get a special edition of Sibelius that translates to a Garritan Personal Orchestra performance.

GPO is also a good starter orch if you don't have the budget for EWQL

Their Stradivari is sexy sounding, but I haven't tried either of them out.

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