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Oblivion - Symphonic Rock style

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I've noticed there hasn't been alot of interest in Oblivion mixes. Ah well, I'm not gonna let that deter me.

I took a break from 'Riding the Wings of Destiny' and came back to it with a fresh ear. I've done stuff to it. Have a listen. Though I'd like any input you can offer.

Two links in case one dosn't work.

Riding the Wings of Destiny (putfile)

Riding the Wings of Destiny (Soundclick page)

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If you want I can record the live guitar for you, this mix has some potential, and you're not going to spoil it with crappy synth guitar right? It doesn't sound extremely challenging so I could have everything recorded by tomorrow. I'm actually jamming along to it right now :P

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The ride in the drums seems a little weird. Also change the loop of the drums, it's too repetitive. And what everyone says. The guitar sounds really crappy. The idea is cool, and also it can be greatly expanded. Some really good guitar arrangement would be cool, adding harmonics, etc. Also the solo part needs polishing and a better soloing. Something more heaver and nostalgic. Good luck though, it's a nice idea.

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