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OCR00839 - *YES* Legend of Zelda 3 'Grand Dreams (A Hero's Legacy)' *FT*


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Starblaze (Evan Pattison) ask me to post his latest mix on the boards for him. I know there's a massive queue right now, but it'll just be sent it anyway.


EDIT: We reencoded it at 128-160vbr and it sounds good and is much smaller, Get it from this link:

For all those who voted no due to the filesize bitrate problems, please revote. Thank you. -Pro

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I'm really getting into Evan's stuff. He's making some good shit now.

And I'm too sick and tired to jabber about what makes this mix good, so I'm just gonna vote and be done with it.

Vote: Yes (but only if we get a lower bitrate version)

(Note: I didn't just cast this vote offhandedly, I really listened to the song and I think it's good, I'm just too tired to go into details now.)

(Note #2: Read this.)

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ok, third time around, Im gonna give this song a ......


I still think its too simple. It sounds nice, but these kinds of songs need to be longer because they really arent THAT involved..

Im sure it will get enough yesses regardless, but that is my true feeling.

The ending should have been expanded.

Alright, at the close of this nepotism issue, I will let this song be the last to bypass the queue. I will also revoke my decision and Give it a fair listen:

wow, 256k on s 80k server, so no streaming :(

Ok, here we go

First off, Id like to mention that this is over the limit by 0.03megs. No biggy right? ACTUALLY, its encoded at 256kbps. There is NO REASON to encode it at 256KBPS. This is a waste of webspace, time, HD space, and even Mp3 player space (yup :D)

So Im already at the big NO with that problem. The only way this is getting a yes is if it is reencoded at something more reasonable like 128-192kbps... WHOA.. its already over

Too short, man.

Symphony was way too simple aswell.

Im gonna have to give this a NO based on these problems alone, and I do recommend a more reasonable bitrate in the future.


Old Post:

I know plenty of people who have remixes that impressed the hell out of me still waiting in queue. They have been waiting for some time now.

I clearly expressed my belief in being fair with songs and queues, so I am gonna give a No to any song that goes here directly without the afore mentioned reasons.

(If anyone has a problem with this, let them voice their opinion, but not here. We have a disussion board for that)

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Heh, not quite... we're gonna forget about it until Saunders reminds us. :D

I think the damage has been done with this remix, and we might as well vote on it. So I will.

This remix is very impressive. I'm very fond of this grand, sweeping style of orchestration that is pulled off so well here. One problem I had was the remix sounded kinda muted to my ears, but I think I can let a little EQ problems slide with so good an arrangement. Another problem is the ending - I think this could have developed into something much longer (that sweeping orchestration style usually doesn't want to be confined to 3 minutes!)

Edit - changed my vote after it was pointed out that the filesize was above the limit. Now, I know we just posted a song that was above the filesize limit, but that one broke it because of length (and, as I recall, it was encoded at 128 kbps). There is no reason why this needs to be so big - 192 usually suffices, and if it doesn't then a reasonable VBR rate will. Both will sound fine and be under the limit.

Edit 2 - OK, there's a lower bitrate version now. Changing vote yet again.


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Stupid Windows! I had my response typed then IE crashed and I lost it! :evil::evil::evil:

Condensed version: I like it, but no. Prot's right, it's over the limit (even if it is only .03). Lower your bitrate and I'll say yes. No, I don't care that I'm being an anal asshole (redundancy unintended).

This is an edit. This vote has been changed to "Yes".

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You know, for some reason, I think I thought this topic was locked. Now I see that is not, nor was it ever, the case.


The song

This is really moving slowly. Not just the tempo, but the attack on the strings. Anyway that's pretty irrelevant, it just feels to me like this thing is taking forever to get somewhere...


THAT'S where it's going. 2:05

a two minute intro. A two minute intro is ok in a 30 minute song, but not in a song that is only 1.5 times the length of the intro. Anyway, this might just be my opinon. But I am going to have to agree with Protr---


Ok. Yeah, the way my sentence stopped up there? That's how this song ends. Sort of. It's not cut off, but it does sound unfinished. At 3:17, with a 2 minute intro before we hear something from zelda, and an ending which really leaves me unsatisfied (i.e. wanting maybe some closure to this musical case of blue balls), I can't say yes to this.

Finish the song, then resubmit. Please.

Yes, I realize only one other person noticed this or thought it was good enough despite these things, so I know this won't carry much weight, but...



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What what?

I PM'ed you with the URL a while ago!

Re: Can't get file

Can't get the new, VBR encoded file for:

Zelda 3 'Grand Dreams - A Hero's Lagacy'

Which has been delayed quite a bit and which I need to make a final call on. Could you double-check and/or email?

Uhm, actually I lost the file. But I just got it back from DarkCecil, and I'm going to re-encode it and repost it to the server.

[10 minutes later]

And here it is:

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