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A confusing deletion error

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Alright, here's the situation. My friend just recently bought his first laptop. As much as I wanted to congratulate him, I knew that something would go wrong.

As luck would have it, somehow, he managed to delete the recycling bin. This isn't a sick joke or anything, but I have spent the past 6 hours trying to figure out how to reverse this problem.

Personally, I never thought this was even possible.

Any and every idea will be greatly appreciated.

Laptop info:

Laptop Model: Toshiba Satellite A135

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium

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Can't you just make a new icon for the Recycle Bin and link it to that feature? Sort of like "New Shortcut" when you right-click on the desktop?

:banghead: ...That's where the 6 hours of wondering how did he do it came in. Oh, and the "New Shortcut" Option isn't even on the list. I found that hilarious.

I know this sounds stupid, but have you checked underneath the other icons on the desktop?

I, myself, have managed to stack other icons on top of my R.bin several times effectively hiding it.

Yep. I even moved around every desktop file just to see. It's not even registered on the HD. I'm tempted to tell my buddy that he's fucked, but there has to be some sort of insanely simple solution to this.

Edit: I'll make another attempt at it when he gets home from work. Until then, I'm gonna pokemon myself to death.

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