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OCR01664 - *YES* Guilty Gear X 'Alpha Blade' *FT*

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Remixer: Beatdrop (Dain Olsen)

Game: Guilty Gear X

Remix Name: Alpha Blade


Source: "Suck A Sage"

(2:45:52 PM) Beatdrop: I guess I could note that I chopped out most of the soloing, since it didn't really lend itself to the transition to trance.

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Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks ~ The Original Soundtrack of Dreamcast - (09) "Suck a Sage (Chipp)"

This source is definitely a good choice. Nothing really to say about the arrangement; it's solid. Good choice not bothering with the original's solos.

On my usual setup though, this was way too loud. I remember saying to zircon that if Fisticuffs heard this, even he would be saying "Turn them shits down!"

Since I'm not on my usual setup, I'm not sure where the usual threshold is, but even without knowing, some portions got really piercing and crowded (e.g. 1:43-2:09). Depending on if some other Js agree, I'd say the volume needs to be pulled back a bit before it goes up.

YES (conditional)

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It's loud, but it's still mixed very well, and there's no clipping. Even during the loudest parts, I didn't notice any loss in the instrumentation. So the volume doesn't bug me.

Arrangement is fine, and nice adaptation to Dain's trademark genre.

It's loud, it's proud, it's Beatdrop. What more to say?

Easy call. YEP

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i love it.

this could have been a track on "in the dark" - the trademark drive, energy and tenacity of a beatdrop groove... menacing synths, all sorts of weird breaks, changes, twists. and its loud... just how i like it. i jogged for months to in the dark in my ears because it is such powerful energy musik. this is no exception


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