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ORCL - The OCR Chess League is Back! --- September/October Tournament


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chess players are strong in ocr we rose from the ashes more than once u know. we will rise again.

Speaking of rising from the ashes...

Rainman DX vs CultureKoi, 1-0.

Rainman DX vs MechaSonic4ever, 1-0.

Rainman DX vs Johnderrilll, 1-1.

Rainman DX vs Salaxzar, 0-2.

Play me some, people. I will be available 4-11pm Monday and Wednesday night. I'm online now.

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So, I won vs Rainman 2-0, and lost 1 vs. Rau25DR

However, I motion for RAU25DR to be banned from the chess league due to incredibly poor sportsmanship - I was beaten fair and square, but the incredibly blatant poor manners and a piss poor attempt at justification of those manners combined make for a player who is not mature enough to play chess in a community such as OCR. I face enough stress from pushing myself in a tennis club & league, as well as my graduate studies in mathematics to deal with people who, quite frankly, are highly likely not older than 14.

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Still, the way him and his friend acted was out of line for any decent human being. Rainman can attest to that.

Edit: In any case, I refuse to play someone like that a second time unless there's massive convincing that he is mature enough for the internet.

InternetS. And lol at the tag-teaming friend action, I'll take it under consideration.

Maybe a cheat? Probably not I was just going for 1 point each both games :P

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I've been basically working my ass off and hanging out with my girlfriend non-stop since about Wednesday morning, so I haven't had a whole lot of time to update things or get online, but I do have tomorrow off, so I'll be available for final games and questions and etc for most of the day. I do want to make one statement regarding this whole rau situation:

1. I don't ban people.

2. Don't make me ban you!

3. Open phase deadline is tonight @ 11:59pm EDT.

you are eye & ee.

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And the next phase is now OPEN.


All of us but rau know what's going on here, but I'll clarify.

For the next two weeks, THIS is the tournament table, and these are all of your opponents. Just like the open phase, all the rules remain the same - with an added tiebreaker because there are so many fewer games.

This set I expect all the games to actually be played, since there's so few and everyone is so proactive. Notice how it's designed that way.

Questions come to me at any time goodnight everyone happy chessment.

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I'm back for those of you who remember me... regretably after some jail time for something that was entirely not my fault and a complete misunderstanding. In any case I'll have to think hard about whether or not I want to join the tournament this time... I think I did good last time but I've got work from 8:00am-3:00pm (excluding the weekends) and college from 5:30-10:30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Anyways, if there's still room and I think I can spare some free time I may just join again.

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