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ORCL - The OCR Chess League is Back! --- September/October Tournament


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OverClocked Remix Chess League

"Back to School '07" Tournament


To join the tournament, simply make a new post indicating so in this thread, AS WELL AS posting your AIM screen name (we require AIM for easy matchmaking - no other IM service will be allowed).

Let's play a little game I like to call...

We were gone for a minute but now we're back, just as good as (if not better than) ever!...Okay that's not necessarily true, but we're back, and I think that a lot of us are itching for some chess action. Whether you're a veteran who wrecked the tables last time the OCRCL was around, a lovable loser (like myself), or a newb who just wants to have some fun, the chess league is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to play. So join in!

It's going to be LE-GEN-DARY!

The OCRCL rewards players for simply engaging in battle with others, unlike cut-and-dry chess tournaments (and a lot of other games for that matter). You receive 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, and 1 point for a loss, so even if you aren't that great of a player, you can still take away experience...AND POINTS...from every game you play.

It's gonna be a thing!

The tournament's "Open Phase" (a "double-round-robin") begins NOW and continues for four weeks (until September 30th @ 11:59pm EDT). Registration will close one week before that deadline. During the open phase you may play each other player in the tournament twice (once as white, once as black) in order to bolster your spot on the standings table.

After the Open Phase, a number of players (determined by the number of registered players) will play a two-week double-round-robin, with the top 2 in THAT round facing off in the first-to-four-points final series. The winner is crowned OCRCL champion and will be allowed to determine the fate of the OCRCL...more on that later.

...the only weak part of my game, Bob...

Use Yahoo! Chess for league games, with 10/15 clocks and no "undo turns."

Please post all results HERE in this thread.

I update the standings with a visual table pretty regularly - it is always posted near the end of the thread.



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i would love to join..as bad as i am at chess

also someone needs to explain round robin to me (or just direct me to who i have to play against)

We are currently in the "Open Phase," which is open to everyone. This phase, like all others, is a "Double Round Robin" where you may play everyone else in the phase twice (once as white, once as black). You are encouraged to play, since you get a hefty amount of points even if you lose to everyone, but short of any conspiracies or collusion, nobody will be docked points for not playing.

Two games against the same opponent should, based on the 10/15 time control, take 30-60 minutes. Take this into account when sitting down to play with an opponent, as you may have to bail after game 1.

Report points awarded in this thread so I can calculate them on the (soon to be posted) standings sheet.

And you may start NOW.

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I'm at school time-and-one-half (18 credit hours), and I work full time, but somewhere in that 2.5x time I will play. I can't be the busiest one on here anyway. ;-)

16 units, attempting to graduate, with one part time job and applications out for two more - not quitting anything either.

Plus, hey, I gotta do THIS:


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