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ORCL - The OCR Chess League is Back! --- September/October Tournament


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Registration is now over - no new players are permitted to join. Tavernero_Rudd, if he can get his act together, is still an available opponent (but has refused to get AIM or update his profile with an AIM screen name), which brings the total to 19 players. Excluding him, you have, potentially, 34 games to play. For those of you who haven't gotten any points, that means that your

final total COULD be 102 points, but just playing as much as you possibly can would get you into the current top 6 (with an 0-0-34 record, 34 points beats out the next closest 33).

I've always been one to encourage people to play, but this is always on you. Salaxzar and I both have 22 games played, and it shows. He's totally dominating, and I'm securely in the top 6 with a losing record.

You all have one week (until the stroke of October in New York City) to finish this phase, so good luck and may the best chesser not necessarily win unless he proves it.

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chess players are strong in ocr we rose from the ashes more than once u know. we will rise again.

Speaking of rising from the ashes...

Rainman DX vs CultureKoi, 1-0.

Rainman DX vs MechaSonic4ever, 1-0.

Rainman DX vs Johnderrilll, 1-1.

Rainman DX vs Salaxzar, 0-2.

Play me some, people. I will be available 4-11pm Monday and Wednesday night. I'm online now.

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So, I won vs Rainman 2-0, and lost 1 vs. Rau25DR

However, I motion for RAU25DR to be banned from the chess league due to incredibly poor sportsmanship - I was beaten fair and square, but the incredibly blatant poor manners and a piss poor attempt at justification of those manners combined make for a player who is not mature enough to play chess in a community such as OCR. I face enough stress from pushing myself in a tennis club & league, as well as my graduate studies in mathematics to deal with people who, quite frankly, are highly likely not older than 14.

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Still, the way him and his friend acted was out of line for any decent human being. Rainman can attest to that.

Edit: In any case, I refuse to play someone like that a second time unless there's massive convincing that he is mature enough for the internet.

InternetS. And lol at the tag-teaming friend action, I'll take it under consideration.

Maybe a cheat? Probably not I was just going for 1 point each both games :P

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No one is around so I played some dude who had 100 rating on me.

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game

;White: plaz63

;Black: cpt1337

;Date: Fri Sep 28 03:31:02 GMT 2007

1. e2-e4 c7-c5

2. g1-f3 e7-e6

3. d2-d4 c5xd4

4. f3xd4 d7-d5

5. e4-e5 b8-c6

6. d4-f3 d5-d4

7. f1-b5 d8-a5+

8. c2-c3 a5xb5

9. f3xd4 c6xd4

10. c3xd4 f7-f6

11. b1-c3 b5-a5

12. o-o f6xe5

13. d4xe5 a5xe5

14. c1-e3 f8-d6

15. g2-g3 d6-c5

16. e3xc5 e5xc5

17. c3-e4 c5-e5

18. f1-e1 e5-d5

19. e4-d6+ e8-d7

20. d1-a4+ d7xd6

21. e1-d1 c8-d7

22. a4-b4+ d6-c7

23. d1xd5 e6xd5

24. a1-c1+ d7-c6

25. b4-f4+ c7-b6

26. b2-b3 g8-e7

27. a2-a4 a7-a5

28. f4-d4+ b6-c7

29. d4xg7 a8-e8

30. g7-e5+ c7-d7

31. e5-c3 e8-c8

32. c3xa5 d5-d4

33. a5-b4 d4-d3

34. b4-d4+ c6-d5

35. c1xc8 h8xc8

36. d4xd3 c8-c1+

37. d3-f1 c1xf1+

38. g1xf1 d5xb3

39. a4-a5 (white forfeits)

It was a pretty neat win. :)

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