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ORCL - The OCR Chess League is Back! --- September/October Tournament


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I'm back for those of you who remember me... regretably after some jail time for something that was entirely not my fault and a complete misunderstanding. In any case I'll have to think hard about whether or not I want to join the tournament this time... I think I did good last time but I've got work from 8:00am-3:00pm (excluding the weekends) and college from 5:30-10:30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Anyways, if there's still room and I think I can spare some free time I may just join again.

lol ur late jailbird

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I won, and I drawed.

Great games Rau!

On a side note, the first game was the fastest I've played yet. I had like 13 mins+ on my clock. I'm pretty proud of myself.

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: keegan_the_fox
;Black: xtreme_player25
;Date: Wed Oct 03 04:11:59 GMT 2007

1. c2-c4 g8-f6
2. b1-c3 e7-e6
3. e2-e4 c7-c5
4. e4-e5 f6-g8
5. g1-f3 b8-c6
6. d2-d4 c5xd4
7. f3xd4 c6xe5
8. d4-b5 d7-d6
9. c3-e4 d6-d5
10. c1-f4 f8-b4+
11. e4-c3 d8-f6
12. f4-g3 e8-f8
13. c4xd5 e6xd5
14. d1xd5 c8-g4
15. f1-e2 g4xe2
16. g3xe5 e2-f3
17. g2xf3 a8-e8
18. o-o-o f6xe5
19. d5xb7 g8-f6
20. b5-c7 e5-e7
21. b7-c6 e8-d8
22. d1xd8+ e7xd8
23. h1-d1 d8-b8
24. c7-a6 b8-f4+
25. c1-b1 b4-e7
26. c6-c8+ f6-e8
27. a6-b8 g7-g6
28. d1-e1 f4xh2
29. b8-d7+ f8-g7
30. e1xe7 h2-g1+
31. b1-c2 g1xf2+
32. e7-e2 f2xf3
33. e2xe8 f3-f5+
34. c2-b3 h8xe8
35. c8xe8 h7-h5
36. e8-f8+ g7-h7
37. f8-e7 f5-e6+
38. e7xe6 f7xe6
39. c3-b5 g6-g5
40. d7-f8+ h7-g7
41. f8xe6+ g7-f6
42. e6-c5 a7-a5
43. b3-a4 g5-g4
44. a4xa5 h5-h4
45. b2-b4 g4-g3
46. c5-e4+ f6-f5
47. e4xg3+ h4xg3
48. b5-d4+ f5-e4
49. d4-e2 g3-g2
50. b4-b5 e4-e3
51. e2-g1 e3-f2
52. b5-b6 f2xg1
53. b6-b7 g1-f2
54. b7-b8 f2-e2
55. b8-b2+ e2-f3
56. b2xg2+ f3xg2
57. a2-a4 g2-h3
58. a5-b5 h3-g2
59. a4-a5 g2-h3
60. a5-a6 h3-g2
61. a6-a7 g2-h3
62. a7-a8 h3-g4
63. a8-e4+ g4-g5
64. b5-c5 g5-f6
65. c5-d6 f6-f7
66. e4-e6+ f7-f8
67. e6-e7+ f8-g8
68. d6-e5 g8-h8
69. e5-f6 h8-g8
70. e7-g7++

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: xtreme_player25
;Black: keegan_the_fox
;Date: Wed Oct 03 04:37:17 GMT 2007

1. g1-f3 d7-d5
2. g2-g3 g7-g6
3. f1-g2 f8-g7
4. d2-d4 g8-f6
5. o-o o-o
6. c1-f4 c7-c6
7. d1-c1 c8-f5
8. c2-c4 d5xc4
9. c1xc4 f6-d5
10. f4-d2 d8-b6
11. b1-c3 d5xc3
12. d2xc3 b8-d7
13. f3-g5 e7-e5
14. d4xe5 d7xe5
15. c4-f4 a8-e8
16. e2-e4 f5-c8
17. a1-d1 f7-f5
18. e4xf5 c8xf5
19. f4-a4 h7-h6
20. g5-e4 e5-f7
21. e4-f6+ g7xf6
22. c3xf6 f7-e5
23. f6xe5 e8xe5
24. a4-c4+ g8-h7
25. d1-d2 b6-c7
26. f2-f4 c7-b6+
27. g1-h1 e5-e7
28. d2-e2 f8-e8
29. f1-e1 e7xe2
30. e1xe2 e8xe2
31. c4xe2 b6-d4
32. h2-h4 h6-h5
33. h1-h2 d4-f6
34. b2-b3 f6-d4
35. e2-e7+ d4-g7
36. e7-e8 g7-b2
37. e8-f7+ b2-g7
38. f7-c4 g7-b2

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Guys, sorry for not reporting in or playing any of the matches for the last month or so. Schools' been a bitch and am too harassed to even think about chess. I hope keegs wins it. ( if he hasnt already..) Gotta get everything back in control to start playing again.


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