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Christmas/Holiday/Winter ReMixes


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Here's some from my playlist that I don't think have been mentioned yet.

Siamey - Final Fantasy 7 Light and Flakey

Joshua Morse - Mario Kart 64 Frappe Cafe Vibe

Dhsu - Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Snowland

SkyHigh - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Snow Motion

Trance-Canada - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Ice Attack

Spongemop - Tales of Phantasia Freeze

Rexy - Sonic & Knuckles Tomorrow's Wake

Mustin, Kassie!, JAXX - Secret of Mana Secret of Spram (8 Bells Mix)

McVaffe - Yoshi's Island Lullaby

Protricity - Final Fantasy 6 Enchanted Esper

mp - Secret of Mana Dirge for the Frosty Plains

SEDUCTiON - Mega Man 2 Chillout

McVaffe - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 IceCapped

Goolancer - Super Mario World Vanilla Extract

Red Tailed Fox, The Prophet of Mephisto - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Pure Black, or Marbles and Cream?

bLiNd - Final Fantasy 10 White Skies (Club Mix)

Also, stuff from VGMix

Shariq Ansari - O Stormy Night

Dale North - All is Calm

Disco Dan - Prologue in A Minor

PLBenjaminZ - Sewer Wonderland

bLiNd - Snowbound

metaphist - Ikaruga Black Ice (Polar Edit)

Iggy Koopa - Untitled Christmas Remix (Wind Nocturne)

SkyHigh - Snow Motion (2005 Chill Mix)

Andrew Kay (aka Warfreak2) - OMG, IceCap!

Trance Canada - Ice Age

GrayLightning - Dezoris Winter

Dale, Kaijin - Christmas Sailing

Ashaman - Carol of the Final Fantasy Belles

Sound Junkie - Wing Cap Jam

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I made a Christmas-themed episode of my podcast last year, so maybe I can be of assistance by providing the playlist:

Featured Remixes

Super Mario World - "Super Mario’s Sleigh Ride" Remix by The OneUps, Nate Cloud, Mustin, Dale North

William Wobbler - "A William Wobbler Christmas" Remix by Slow Poison

Mario Kart 64 - "Holiday Frappe" Remix by Tweak

Shadow of the Colossus - "Snowfall on Forbidden Lands" Remix by ceili, Sephfire

Donkey Kong Country- "Chekan Winter" Remix by Prophecy

Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals - "Christmas In The Village (Silver Bells)" Remix by Dale North

Portal - "Live from [sUBJECT HOMETOWN HERE]" Remix by the UMD Gamer Symphony Orchestra

Ice Climber - "Snow Cone Heaven" Remix by Mazedude

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - "Snowboardin’ Sonic" Remix by Willrock

Christmas NiGHTS - "MerryLittleChristmas" Remix by Dale North

Not all of 'em are Christmas remixes of course, but I hope this helps a lot!

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