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Christmas/Holiday/Winter ReMixes


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If anyone can recommend a better host than rapidshare, I'm all ears.

I've always used sendspace. No waiting times; you just can't download more than one file simultaneously.

Or, you could use Sharebee, which basically takes the file and automatically uploads it to other file hosting services.

Thanks for uploading them all, Fenrir. Snagging them now.

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A couple I did for a short-lived Christmas remix project last year. The first is a remix of a tune from an old animated film called "The Snowman."


Carol of the Bells

I just bought "The Snowman" on DVD, and it's something I'll treasure for years. By extension, but by no means its sole merits, I absolutely love this interpretation and treasure it as deeply.

Any chance, though, that you could add in a section of your wife singing a fews lyrics? That would just top my holiday.

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Ziwtra's got a lot of good holiday-ish stuff.

He specificially referred to Final Fantasy Adventure - Gifts of Mana as "holiday poop".

Also, his Terranigma Blue (Shooting Star) mix is a good one. His "Skyline" makes me picture something like flying on Santa's sleigh. And of course, Secret of Mana Desert Snowstorm. Not only b/c it reminds me of Manheim Steamroller, but because of the jinglebells towards the end.

Also, Terranigma Aquamarine.

Also, Perfect Cherry Blossum Icy Peaks

Also, Zelda Eutopia Pagasi

Also, Secret of Mana Tidal Sequence

Also, Secret of Mana Aphrodite Oceanus

Also, Zelda Twilight Princess Tattered Slippers

I'll list more later.

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