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So... this for real now..?


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This could be either really good or really bad. I know that there will be a 360 version and there will likely be a PS3 version, but I'm hoping for a Wii version too. That Wii-mote would make for an excellent vacuum and proton gun, and that nunchuk would be ideal for tossing traps.

I'm also thinking about lots of colorful monsters too. There could be some neat visuals for a Ghostbusters game, especially if you take inspiration from the cartoon. Also, the hype about this game already shows that Ghostbusters still have cultural relevance - this is a good thing.

Edit: Just looked in the corner of the screenshot - It's coming to all consoles! Awesome! I will definitely at least rent this game, unless it gets shit reviews.

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Speaking of connecting movie to game...

This was around a while before I've made the post about the GB game...



Did an explanation ever come around to it..? Also just tonight I was flipping the channels and saw on Larry King one of the guys from "Ghost Hunters" on the show...

I'm beginning to think its some huge elaborate marketing campaigne; or some huge fucking coicidence. :lol:

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