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OLRmageddon XII - BEER/EAR Month


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Your friendly inbred sister site OverLooked ReMiX is now hosting...

OLRmageddon XII


This is the twelfth running of a monthly competition for remixes that are good, bad, funny, interesting, bizarre, or otherwise worth listening to regardless of polish or technical merit.

This month's contest is a throwback to the OCR contests BEER and EAR-- if you remember those contests, think of OLRmageddon as their sexy great-granddaughter. If not, think of it as the drunken sonic orgy that happens after PRC.

THIS MONTH'S THEME (songs to choose from):

Ghost n Goblins - Stage 1

Metroid - Intro

Final Fantasy Legend - Prologue

Ninja Gaiden - Life or Death Duel

Mario 3 - End Theme

THIS MONTH'S BONUS (optional element):

Time signatures other than 4/4

(to get the bonus points, part or all of the song must be in 3/3, 9/4, 2346/9270, or anything other than 4/4)

Come check out the OLRmadeggon XII contest thread for more details:


Mixing ends: Thursday December 27th 11:59PM EST

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Ahh, how does one win a contest with no rules...

Some win with nonsense: http://olremix.org/remixes/616 (Doom, Deus Ex)

Some win with amazing guitar shredding: http://olremix.org/remixes/705 (Chrono Trigger)

Some win with chiptunes: http://olremix.org/remixes/712 (Wizards and Warriors)

Some win by singing about buttsex: http://olremix.org/remixes/719 (Final Fantasy IV)

Some win by being German: http://olremix.org/remixes/648 (Mega Man 2)

... and some lose by being French: http://olremix.org/remixes/650 (Tiny Toon Adventures)

Anything goes, anything can win, and nothing will be mocked-- but in general, I'd say the most interesting song usually wins.

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1st Place - Jildon - Winter's Great :3 - 8 points

2nd Place - OneUp - A Little Of This And A Little Of That And Ohh Lots Of That - 5+2=7 points

3rd Place - dasaten - Get Those Statues Out of Your Butt - 4+2=6 points

*TIE* 4th - Brunzolaitis - Death of A Hero (An Hero Edition) - 5 points -=AND=- Nario - Samus Recieves a Phone Call, KILL ALL BASSHUNTERS -=AND=- ukendt - Not A Vacation - 3+2=5 points

*TIE* 5th - dasaten - Arthur in Space -=AND=- Hylian Lemon - Jacking the Box - 4 points

*TIE* 6th - Jildon - I'll Bomb New York - 3 points -=AND=- ukendt - Metroid Time 5: Malfunction - 1+2=3 points

7th - Jildon - A shitty intro that hisses at parts where it shouldn't for no apparent reason and you shouldn't listen to it, let alone vote for it, because it sucks more cocks than Samus herself which maybe isn't a lot because maybe she doesn't suck cocks? - 0 points :(

The "+2" is the bonus points rewarded for the song meeting the bonus points guidelines for this month.

This post took me like, 45 minutes to type because of people on instant messager. oh well.

I WANT MORE VOTERS NEXT TIME I'm really sleepy g'night

OLRMageddon XIII is already underway!

New theme, new bonus, 25 days left. Go check out the new thread on OLR.


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