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  1. Enjoyed the panel, guys. I thought you did a good job of pimping the site and the remix community in a way that would connect with the PAX audience-- it seemed like you focused more on the tie-ins to gaming and the industry than, say, explaining "rearrangement." You should start all your panels with Music of my Groin... it was like a rite of passage for the uninitiated in the audience, a litmus test to weed out people with weak stomachs or good ears. I was terrified that half the audience would walk out (I was a split second from requesting Toyota Disco, so who am I to judge.) ... and me in brown laughing at the "We've severly overestimated the average size of PAX attendees!" comment. That "buy two" bonus was a good call-- I didn't hear anybody buying just one item.
  2. Very cool, I like this a lot. Thanks for making this, and thanks OCR for posting it. Props to DJP for C&J reference.
  3. For your amusement-- Street Fighter 2 Boss Medley: http://olremix.org/mp3/stig_the_horsethief_-_Zangief_Battles_Alcoholism_(BVSM_Dungeon_Run)(Streetfighter_2).mp3 (headphones highly recommended)
  4. Beautiful and fun, I love the style and the performance, one of my all time favorites. I play this mix for people who think they won't like "remixes," or think "remixes are all techno." I hope to hear more! (Also, makes a great ringtone.)
  5. One of my favorites-- very dynamic, love the transitions (especially 2:31), love the variety, love the melodies even though I'm not familiar with the source. Hope to hear more!
  6. My #1 guilty-pleasure mix. My favorite mix to run to. This song was playing in its full bass-heavy glory when my upstairs neighbor banged on my ceiling and screamed "people are trying to sleep, here!" It was 9am, he should have been goddamned awake, and this song is goddamned awesome. Congrats to Jovette on his work outside of OCR!
  7. Certainly the most unpretentiously-named remix ever made. If this is just "Theme," I'd love to see a song bazooie owns and renames to makes his/her own. This remix is beautiful, compelling, and charming-- as unexpected as DJP says in his writeup, and unparalleled since 2003. One of my all-time favorites. I hope bazooie is still remixing, I'd love to hear more!
  8. Definitely an all-time favorite. A great example of layering-- I love the buildup as it adds instrument after instrument, dives into solos, then adds more-- only to take them away for dramatic effect. The moment when then bass kicks in still kicks my ass, and the lead hasn't even shown up yet. Very well put together, and very rewarding with a great progression. Would love to hear more like this! (tho I must admit the climactic 2:36-2:39 and 3:00-3:06 buildups now reminds me of (link) Trenthian's "have-to-do-the-same-damn-thing-again!")
  9. One of my all-time favorites. I love the instruments chosen, the buildup and progression from acoustic to electric, and most of all the vocals and the vocal performance. The performance is emotive and honest, and (for all its criticism) adds a rawness that absolutely compliments the lyrics. I wouldn't change anything in this song. I'm really glad I have this song and can listen to it regularly, and I hope silent keeps making remixes.
  10. 2002? I saw this get posted, and after all these years, it's still my favorite remix on OCR. Game Over, thanks so much for this song (and for your others!)-- I really hope you keep making remixes.
  11. Reuben made some of my favorite remixes, and I was very sad to hear about his passing. It really says a lot about his talent that so many people who never even met him were saddened by his death.
  12. I think this is a really, really great feature that will help the remixing community as a whole by encouraging feedback (and "rewarding" it by making it more visible). I was just saying over on OLR that I don't think the fans of the remixing community fully realize the effect that positive feedback has on remixers. Many people feel they should only comment on a song if they can offer constructive criticism-- they don't realize that a simple post of "i liek this" might be enough to encourage the remixer to keep making music. I've never commented on a change before, but I think this one (simple as it is) is a great step in the right direction for the remixing community. I hope it encourages more feedback, no matter how trivial. And I hope more changes down the road focus on feedback, comments, artist encouragement. nice job djp, appreciate the effort, as always
  13. I did this once and had a lot of fun. I made by far the worst entry, but everybody was supportive and I had a blast in IRC. I definitely encourage everybody to try it.
  14. Three years ago I robbed and killed a man. This username was in a cookie on his computer, so I've been posting as him ever since.
  15. I requested a Nice Work Kirby last time we had this thread, but I don't remember ever seeing one
  16. the 4,391 word punctuationless capitalizationless sentence in the last chapter of Ulysses
  17. OLRMageddon XIII is already underway! New theme, new bonus, 25 days left. Go check out the new thread on OLR. [/pimping]
  18. Mixing is over Xenon Odyssey has posted the submissions here: http://xenonodyssey.googlepages.com/ For you lazy people, here's temporary direct links to all the submissions: A Little Of This And A Little Of That And Ohh Lots Of That [Ninja Gaiden] Arthur in Space [Ghosts 'N Goblins & Sector Z] A shitty intro that hisses at parts where it shouldn't for no apparent reason and you shouldn't listen to it, let alone vote for it, because it sucks more cocks than Samus herself which maybe isn't a lot because maybe she doesn't suck cocks? [Metroid] Death of a Hero (An Hero Edition) [Ninja Gaiden] Get Those Statues Out of Your Butt [Ninja Gaiden] I'll Bomb New York [Ninja Gaiden] Jacking the Box [super Mario Bros. 3] Metroid Time 5: Malfunction [Metroid] Not a Vacation [super Mario Bros. 3] Samus Receives A Phone Call, KILL ALL BASSHUNTERS [Metroid] Winter's Great :3 [super Mario Bros. 3] Voting ends on December 31st at 11:59PM EST. To vote, PM Xenon Odyssey over on OLR with your 3 most flavolrite songs. You could probably PM him here too and see if he accepts votes that way... OLR Thread: http://olremix.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7979
  19. 3 days left to submit See the OLR thread for complete details, including how to submit.
  20. same old story; they blamed jeffrey dahmer on pac-man
  21. My first thought was also "didn't people stop saying that 5 years ago?" Then again, it seems like most internet jargon only becomes interesting 5 years too late. That's about the time that the 12 years olds have finished giddily beating it to death, and the more cynical folk have started to resurrect it by using it insincerely to mock the original meaning.
  22. Ahh, how does one win a contest with no rules... Some win with nonsense: http://olremix.org/remixes/616 (Doom, Deus Ex) Some win with amazing guitar shredding: http://olremix.org/remixes/705 (Chrono Trigger) Some win with chiptunes: http://olremix.org/remixes/712 (Wizards and Warriors) Some win by singing about buttsex: http://olremix.org/remixes/719 (Final Fantasy IV) Some win by being German: http://olremix.org/remixes/648 (Mega Man 2) ... and some lose by being French: http://olremix.org/remixes/650 (Tiny Toon Adventures) Anything goes, anything can win, and nothing will be mocked-- but in general, I'd say the most interesting song usually wins.
  23. then you should enter-- gay bags of horny dicks were made for sucking (tho you've already remixed half the songs on the list...)
  24. Your friendly inbred sister site OverLooked ReMiX is now hosting... OLRmageddon XII This is the twelfth running of a monthly competition for remixes that are good, bad, funny, interesting, bizarre, or otherwise worth listening to regardless of polish or technical merit. This month's contest is a throwback to the OCR contests BEER and EAR-- if you remember those contests, think of OLRmageddon as their sexy great-granddaughter. If not, think of it as the drunken sonic orgy that happens after PRC. THIS MONTH'S THEME (songs to choose from): Ghost n Goblins - Stage 1 Metroid - Intro Final Fantasy Legend - Prologue Ninja Gaiden - Life or Death Duel Mario 3 - End Theme THIS MONTH'S BONUS (optional element): Time signatures other than 4/4 (to get the bonus points, part or all of the song must be in 3/3, 9/4, 2346/9270, or anything other than 4/4) Come check out the OLRmadeggon XII contest thread for more details: http://olremix.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7979 Mixing ends: Thursday December 27th 11:59PM EST
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