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Bed of Knives - Ethnic/Prog. Breaks by Hy Bound

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I did this song for the Promo CD Danny's giving out with his physical album of Hero of the Grey Area (which is great by the way). It started out as pretty much a complete rip-off of Hybrid's "We Are In Control" and then evolved from there. Im going to actually include it on my first album that will hopefully be coming out late next year.

I hope you enjoy it!

I'm gonna send you to my MySpace page, but you can download the 192 kbps original from there.


or, to download it...


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I saw the promo CD and shite my pants. I really enjoy all of middle eastern influences. They are not overbearing but give the song a really nice dimension. Def my fav song by you so far dude. All of the little things and attention to detail and song structure really add up in the end. Gonna be listening to it for awhile.

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I've heard a decent amount of this kind of music in the not too distant past (artist: Ott), so I was a little skeptical. But it's grown on me a bit, and has a bit more innovation even, than Ott. Main thing I wish for is more 'new' material in the last quarter of the song, which would make this epic beyond all imagination.

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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS! I accidentally clicked on buy downloads over at soundclick, lemme just go change that, but the actual song can be downloaded over at myspace as well; i guess only if you have an account there though.

It'll also be a free download somewhere else in the near future... :)

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