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Sonic the Hedgehog- Special Dream by PhiJayy

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There's some noise in some instruments, sometimes white, sometimes a more ringing kind of noise. Also, it's really repetitive, and I recognize one of my problems in this: lots of cool ideas but not really a dramatic curve to how they're arranged together. I didn't even realize the ending was the ending, I thought it was a second break. It's a good ending, if it'd come after some real climax, right now, it's more of a drumless fade-out from repetition.

You've got a good mix, only it's ridculously long and very repitive. I'd cut out at least a minute, maybe two, and make the stuff leading up to the ending grander and more massive, give it a sense of it being the grande finale, the climax, the punchline... You know?

Mixing-wise, it's great, so tighten up the arrangement and give it a climax, and it'll be really cool. And come back with what you've got. I heard a lot of good stuff on your site, so with some fixes, this'll be great!

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I guess I'll finally start posting with this.

I am nowhere close to being able to judge any song (this includes my own) at "that level," so I tend to stick to the simple "do I dig it?" To be honest, I actually dig this song quite a bit.

It was already said, but I must parrot the opinion that the song is a bit too long. That being said, I don't really think there is any grand finale needed what I heard. It just needs to be wrapped up at the false ending at 3:54ish.

The original special stage song actually grates on my nerves, so you get my utmost respect for extending that mess to six minutes and it not be annoying.

Have at it again, and we'll see what happens.

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Thanks guys.... we'll consider everything you mentioned.

Actually we didn't want to add much variation to this track much. It was so hard :banghead: to find a rhythmic beat for this particular chorus, mainly because of the chorus.

This may have seem easy to remix but it really wasn't.

So we're glad that most of you liked it despite the fact that it was pretty hard to remix such a weird chorus. So were going to shorten this a bit, and probably make it less repetitive.

Than again the original version was very repetitive... so I don't know. We'll make some changes and post the new version next week.

If anyone still have suggestions about this mix feel free to post.


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