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Live-Action Speed Racer?

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Saw a preview in at the movies a while back, didn't seem all that great to me. I watched the show as a little kid, and enjoyed it a lot, but something doesn't seem right here... looked a little TOO crazy. (If that's at all possible.) Too much CGI for my taste, but hey, whacha gonna do? I might give it a try when it's out on dvd.

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All of the races look hella fake, the spinning car halfway through the trailer looks hella fake. I'm cool with the acting, but at this point, knowing little about the film and not having seen it, the parts where races take place seems to jar me, removing me from watching a live-action movie into an overtly fake, over the top race. I don't know if they can establish some kind of motif with the fakeness, or if they can spin it so it comes out okay, but right now, I'm intrigued more than anything... and still a little confused.

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it is logically impossible to ruin speed racer. if it was the most campy, horrible movie released in the last 20 years, it'd still be a lateral move.

also, i don't wanna spoil it for you, but racer x is speed's older brother.


Rex Racer is Racer X?


And I feel most people here saw the 90's speed racer cartoon and not the original one.

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It looks like they tried to retain the feeling of the show, kinda strange looking, but I think it won't be too bad a film, you just have to look at it from a different perspective...

And in response to the DBZ or DB movie, I've never really liked the show (the Cell Saga was the best to me), but since I've seen nothing in regards to the film, I'll hold judgement.

But I wonder, will the whole DBZ film be just Goku charging an attack?

Seriously, some of those episodes took 2 hours for an attack to let loose.

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