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Any co-op games coming out?


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Hmmmm.... watching a video of System Shock 2 gameplay without having played it is like watching two people play chess when you don't know the rules. "Ok, you they move the pieces around a board, so what's so great about that?". The shooting element of SS2 is like moving the pieces on the board - it's completely necessary for gameplay, but aiming and clicking really isn't what the game's about. The game's more about being in an incredibly realistic and engrossing world, where enemies could be around any corner and pop up at any time. Even the story is frieghtening, and the way it unfolds around you is brilliant.

If you're wondering what the "challenge" is, it's basically trying to survive and advance at the same time... to survive you have to constantly search for weapons and ammo, upgrade your abilities however you want, research alien organs to find their weaknesses... all kinds of crazy stuff. To advance you have to do some seemingly simple tasks (e.g. bring object A to point B), but the forces that have taken over this ship make it an absolute nightmare. The whole time it feels like you're being either chased or watched - the game never pauses when you look at the map, manage your inventory, or listen to chilling audio logs from crew-mates, so really you're never guaranteed safety. And the villain is simply one of the greatest ever.

But now that I think about it, probably everyone I know who's played SS2 co-op has probably beaten the game solo first. So maybe co-op right off the bat isn't such a good idea. Get you and your friends to try it in single-player, and then you'll be able to have a blast with co-op =)

And yeah, Smash Bros. Brawl is a pretty obvious choice for co-op (or any other kind of multiplayer).

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Umm, I played it like a year ago and it was amazing. Why in the world does the year matter? The best games ever made were well before 1999, back when companies didn't water shit down to appeal to the masses to recoup their $10M investment.

The future does hold games that will be worth playing way more than any other game ever created before. That future hasn't come yet, but it will, and co-op games will show up too, I believe. :-)

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