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  1. Answer: As much rock as the Willrock will rock if the Willrock will rock rock. Sorry, didn't mean to meddle, man! Love the harmony at 3:13.
  2. Fun mix! But what you call "confusing" I call "interesting." I wouldn't be afraid to change up the instruments--twelve minutes is quite a length for even the greatest of timbres. I would also reconsider your generous use of cymbals in the FF1 sections, starting at 0:58 and 1:21. It is pretty funny, though.
  3. Johnny B

    NFL Playoffs

    Wow, you were pretty much right on with your whole post, especially this part.
  4. Most people probably noticed already, but the title of this remix is an anagram of the title of the game. That is just intense, Justin Tense.
  5. Hey man, great mix. On my first listening, the moment I heard the vocals, I thought, "What? He's going to ruin a perfectly good source tune by singing it?" But let me tell you, friend, that I was dead wrong. The vocals are AMAZING, and I especially dig your harmony. The end kinda reminds me of "Gangster's Paradise," going all a capella like that. That's a GOOD thing, by the way. Another highlight for me is the contrast of the high-timbred (if that's even a word) synth and percussion with the warm piano, and especially vibes, which show up in the middle/end of the song. I wouldn't mind hearing
  6. Right... but there are 1000+ pages. EDIT: Found it. Do we know thirteen, or is that Game and Watch?
  7. So, R.O.B.'s logo (gyroscope thingy) is number 19. Anyone have that list with all the others?
  8. Lost Vikings 1 and 2 are pretty good. Oh, and...
  9. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but... Zelda 1: first game with a battery save. Ocarina of Time: first game to have a Z-targeting system. Pitfall: first platformer.
  10. Or Noah. He can carry Bowser, DK, and Dedede simultaneously--all balanced on a Chansey egg--and his final smash is a flood.
  11. Why would they make such a point to add the word "anonymously" if there weren't a non-anonymous (nominal?) mode that could be played with people you don't know? All I want for Christmas is a Belmont. And Mega Man. And a real online mode. What else are you going to do if someone's connection fails? Let's consider the alternatives. Playing with CPUs > playing against Sandbag (though that would be funny) > playing against nobody >> waiting 45 seconds to drop the player, then quitting the game because he was your teammate. Hahaha StarCraft.
  12. I think we determined several hundred pages ago that Sakurai (or one of his employees) reads what we're predicting or discussing on this forum, as evidenced by his occasionally posting an update about it the next day. Of course, it could have been a series of coincidences. Assuming the former, however, it follows that what we say here is not merely read but has the potential to change the course of video game history. I for one would welcome another two-month delay if it meant the inclusion of an online mode with rankings and more options, the beginning of Nintendo's march into true online gam
  13. We don't even know whether we can do 1v1 yet. Probably not. I actually don't mind time in free for alls; ffa stocks can involve a lot of ganging up on the player with the most lives left. Hopefully we'll be able to set our online preferences for things like stock vs. time, stock number, item switch, etc. Oh, and number of players. If I were to make an online mode, I'd think I would allow people to play in random one-on-one matches.
  14. HIP TANAKA!!!! SWEET!!!! He was the composer I wanted to see most in the first musicians update. I had been disappointed not to see his name on that list, but I figured it was pretty unlikely that anyone could get him away from his job as president of Creatures and back into gaming music. And here he is, champion of 12/8 time and musician behind such greats as Kid Icarus and Metroid. And others: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hip_Tanaka
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