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  1. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  2. WE FINALLY DOIN’ IT! We need your help to add genre, mood, instrumentation and other tags to the OCR database. The full list of terms. The minimum of what we need for every ReMix is: Primary Genre (e.g. funk, metal, rap, EDM, jazz)Secondary Genres (when applicable)1+ Mood (e.g. aggressive, goofy, romantic, sad)2+ Instrumentation (e.g. acoustic-guitar, chiptune, piano, singing)Additional tag types we want to apply whenever possible:Specific Arrangement aspects (e.g. # of instruments, minimalist, extended soloing)Effects (e.g. distortion, glitching, lo-fi, vocoder)Origin (e.g. collaboration, created for a compo)Live production aspects (e.g. live ensemble, live recording, use of live instruments)Regional influence (e.g. Celtic, Japanese, world)Time (e.g. tempo, long or short duration, time signature)Usage (e.g. workout, winter/holiday, Halloween, meditation)This is a serious project, so you need to have a good understanding of what the tags mean and also have a good ear for labeling genres and identifying instruments and moods. We want to build an accurate library of tags for the remixes on the site. If you’re interested and you think you have what it takes, let us know right here in this thread and we’ll assign you a block of ReMixes to work on and PM you our tagging submission form where you can enter the data. THANKS! __ Tagging Assignments [open] - OCR00291 through OCR00320SystemsReady - OCR00321 through OCR00340Olarin - OCR00341 through OCR00360Jean Of mArc - OCR00361 through OCR00380timaeus222 - OCR00401 through OCR00420__ Can we add more tags to the list? No! We don't plan on adding many other tags, but if a good case is made for something we've overlooked, we may add more. Note on genres: We're not trying to add tags for every subgenre under the sun. We're going for pretty broad descriptions. We don't need "tribal Moombahcore chillwave"; EDM works just fine in most of those cases. Note on using "epic" for mood: We're not using "epic" as a synonym for awesome/amazing/yoooooooooooooo. We're using it to describe ReMixes that are grand, heroic, or anthemic in scope/tone, which isn't limited to orchestral and rock pieces. Note on lyrics and duration: Larry has already handled lyric-specific tags (original, existing, explicit) for all lyrical ReMixes, and duration tags for long and short mixes. Problems?! If you’re working on tagging your batch of ReMixes and run into an issue where something isn’t clear, then post here and let us know and we can help you.
  3. This'll happen one day. I've made some good progress.
  4. We're in the home stretch of this project and a re-release of the single mix torrents. ---------------------------------------------------- IN PROGRESS: Lyrics unavailable for some ReMixes (HELP US OUT HERE) Higher bitrate encodings (but NO CHANGES OR REVISIONS) New bitrate/encoding requirement at either 192kbps or VBR1 (ReMixers, post your high quality WAV, FLAC or 192kbps or VBR1 MP3 encodings here OR host them and send links to THINGS WE ARE NOT CHANGING: ReMixer name(s) as Artist "" as Album Title "Game" as Genre Official album art design DONE: MP3 validation (e.g. MPEG frame consistency, length of stored VBR header) for player compatibility Added missing VBR headers Removed all non-standard ID3v2.3 tags and all non-ID3v2.3 tags (e.g. ID3v1, APE) Standardized filenames and ID3v2.3 tags (e.g. proper game titles, correct capitalization/spacing of mix titles, single quotes around mix title) Quality control & corrections of all existing fields (e.g. ReMixer name changes, missing/corrected composers/platforms/years) Added Track # (ReMix ID #), Publisher (OverClocked ReMix), Album Artist (OverClocked ReMix) and Album Artist URL ("") fields Added Compilation flag for grouping of single mixes as one album Added game to Grouping/Content Group field for sorting by game title Added ReMix titles (w/o game name prefix & 'OC ReMix' suffix) to Subtitle field Standardized URL field (OCR Artist profile URL) Added artist submission and website comments to Comments field (when available) Embedded confirmed lyrics in Comments and Unsynced Lyrics fields Removed extra silence from tracks
  5. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  6. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  7. 2. ready for review

    Melodically, it's too conservative, IMO, but if the arrangement were personalized in other ways beyond the adaptation to the chippy instrument set and new (though repetitive) beats, then it would have a chance; that's just my one opinion, but I think a vote on this as is would be "it's a good listen, but too close to the original without some other changes/additions to help it stand apart more from the original" At 2 1/2 minutes long, i.e. when it's on the shorter side, it's important that the track pretty much always stands apart from the original in some meaningful way; if it were longer, it'd have more time to start conservatively but then branch off into other more creative/interpretive directions. That's just looking at it from the OCR standards perspective. In any situation, it's a fun de-make, and the chippy sound is awesome.
  8. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  9. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  10. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  11. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  12. Reinstall Winamp, then try the directions in the first post I had.
  13. You'd possibly have to go to Preferences > Output or General Purpose (wherever the extension would be), find the Format Converter plug-in and click the "Uninstall plug-in" button.
  14. The Winamp version doesn't matter, and I have no idea about the Converter in your context menu, because it's not something that comes up on mine; maybe you added some sort of extension/plug-in to Winamp that's not part of the default configuration.
  15. He keeps telling you though, don't use the Format Converter interface at all. It's unintuitive, but that's not what you use. Do the instructions from my post. If you also need to do some sort of step to disable the Format Converter, then do that.
  16. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  17. I didn't have any problem with the source being derived somewhat from "Rock-a-bye Baby." I hear the connection, but that theme here has a different character to it and wasn't melodically similar enough. The track was 2:41-long, so I needed at least 80.5 seconds' worth of source usage for the VGM to dominate the arrangement. 30.25-37.75, 38.75-48, 50.25-57.75, 59.25-1:08.5, 1:10.25-1:28, 1:30.75-1:37.75, 1:39.5-1:50, 2:04.5-2:17, 2:18.75-2:21.75, 2:23.75-2:32 = 92 seconds or 57.14% overt source usage The Celtic harp lead at :30 & 1:30 felt mechanical, but sat reasonably enough in the soundscape due to the padding behind it. The string accompaniment added at :50 was well-done and added some good original writing to fill things out. The light percussion at 1:10 was also a nice, subtle touch. I didn't have any other issues with the instrumentation, jyst following up on MindWanderer's reaction. On the arrangement side, props for not repeating anything too much in such a short piece, and adding in good original writing ideas to compliment the source tune. You avoided some common pitfalls for a lot of submissions under 3 minutes, and really added a lot of depth to a very short and sparse original theme. Nice work! YES
  18. The way this was mixed, I thought the percussion got completely lost during 1:14-1:28 & 1:53-2:26. Some of the highs also sounded sizzly, and I also would have liked one more pass at this mixing, but the rest of the presentation sounded solid. Nice take on this theme, adding some good intensity to it! YES
  19. Nope. Should be fixed the next time the site syncs with the DB.
  20. Preferences > Output > select Nullsoft Disk Writer > Choose the directory location for the geenrated file > For "Conversion", check the Covert to Format box, then select the desired format (I'd use PCM with attributes 44.100 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo (172kb/sec) Then play the file as you would, and Winamp will convert it to a WAV instead of playing the audio. Watch for not having the file itself play on an infinite loop or having the playlist loop.
  21. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  22. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  23. SoundCloud The streaming may be 128kbps, but you can make your music downloadable in 320kbps or whatever MP3 encoding level you want, or you can just upload in lossless format instead. Bandcamp You upload lossless, and people can DL the format they want. MP3s from there are downloadable as either 320kbps or VBR0. If you're concerned strictly about higher bitrate streaming (as opposed to downloading), I'll join the popular sentiment: the demand isn't there, and the difference to the ear isn't practically discernible. As bandwidth capabilities rise over time, it'll eventually happen in the same way FLAC has grown as an increasingly offered downloadable option, but the baseline standard of quality is currently phone earbuds, so it'll require a sea change of sorts in maybe 5-10 years.