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  1. An OverClocked Christmas v.9 recruiting now!

    I'm going to try and finish the one I meant for v7 for this lol
  2. Did the mix in question here - http://ocremix.org/community/topic/41927-no-final-fantasy-1-dawn-of-souls-chaos-temple-2014-djbny-club-rmx/ - sound like any of the other stuff on his Soundcloud?  GREAT call if so.  What I heard was EXTREMELY hot and overcompressed.  It has that one on there too.  and I agree with the muddiness, and well some of the synths are just..."boring"...and yep the repetitiveness in there.   And dat transition at 1:50...sounded like a rush job to the extreme.  
  3.   I didn't know the C64 had its own music sequencer, and the layout kind of looks like modern DAWS.  hmmm, right now I wanna find a C64 emulator and try it out.  No idea if OCReMix would accept a mix done on the thing though, heh
  4. I play a dulcimer, and I have made this sound accidentally before, but I need to know how to make it deliberately, it's the very last simultaneous 2 notes in this remix.  This is a guitar but you could make it with any stringed instrument apparently.  Probably wouldn't be able to with nylon strings though, I dunno.   http://ocremix.dreamhosters.com/files/music/remixes/Super_Mario_Bros_Me_and_Mario_down_by_the_Schoolyard_OC_ReMix.mp3
  5. If this is Shreddage, AWESOME job on making it sound realistic. One gripe I had was with the piano., but everything else more than makes up for it. Nice job!
  6. 2015 New Year Resolutions!

    For OCR?? RL is getting better and I've learned there is LITERALLY nothing I can't do. So I'm gonna try helming a (small) OCR album. That will be my goal for this year.
  7. Super Cartography Bros. - History

    I may start a track myself for this. Hey Flexstyle, hit me up in PM with the sources that are free for SMB3, and I'll get started. I hope.
  8. LOL DEIA, I may just have to do it. that's so freakin' funny
  9. Hypothetical album time. I was messing around with different album ideas in my head, and I have one in notepad from on my hard drive (Marble Madness), when I started thinking of something Darkesword said he'd like to do. Take all the short map themes in the Mario series and turn them into extended trance mixes, kind of like this song from Daniel Kandi: I had in mind SMB3. 8 worlds, 8 tracks, but long trance journeys like the song above, or this one: I might start working on the concept and submit a formal proposal for it based on the response here.
  10. Ms-DOS Remix 2!!!

    First off, WAAAY too repetitive. That out of the way, you neglected to add a bit of melody, which is played by that "wah-fart brass" thing in the original. if you were to submit it, I don't think it would pass at all. Keep at it though!
  11. I dunno, depends on whether I can pull off fake piano convincingly enough, got any tips?